Off-Campus Living

Hey girlies!

As school is just beginning, many of you may be moving into your first off-campus houses. I don’t know about you, but when I first realized I would be leaving campus the whole idea was unimaginable. Now officially moved in, I am truly becoming an “adult”; cooking my own meals, grocery shopping, cleaning and paying for rent. To make it less scary, I came up with a list of fun ideas to make the most out of your off-campus house. 


1. Decor. I think my all-time favorite thing about living off-campus is being able to decorate our flat according to my roommates’ and my style. We got curtains, tablecloths, candles, frames, pillows, etc. It went from an empty apartment to our home. 


2. Cleaning. We know it’s a pain, but staying on top of cleaning the apartment has helped us a lot. Not only does a clean house look good, but there’s something about an orderly room that makes you feel more productive and less stressed. My clean house lets me believe that I have my life together… even when I most certainly do not. 


3. Cooking. Although preparing dinner on a busy weekday is sometimes a hassle, I’ve found that cooking can be a fun time to relax after a busy day. Instead of eating at the dining hall, you get to choose what you want to cook. You are able to let your creative side loose and cook your favorite foods.


4. Friends. Inviting your friends over is a fun way to show off your humble abode. I love inviting my friends to my apartment as I feel like I am showing them a little piece of my life.


5. Freedom. Off-campus living gives me more freedom to explore because I am able to experience life outside of the BC bubble. Previously, living on-campus I felt more constrained and trapped on campus. While we love BC, it’s easy to forget about the rest of the world.