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Campus Celebrity: Dining Edition


As BC students, we are lucky to be able call some of the best (and coolest) people in the world staff and faculty.  Many of us have had an incredible professor, worked with the wonderful people at FYE, or had the opportunity to get to know one of our fascinating Jesuits.  But what about fan favorites a little bit closer to home?  Those members of our community who we see every day, who never fail to add a side of happiness (free of charge) to whatever meal we’ve picked out from Eagles Nest, the Chocolate Bar, or Stuart?  This week, Campus Celebrity spotlights three student favorites from BC Dining.  Read ahead to learn a little more about some of your favorite BC Eagles!





With his endless enthusiasm and unfalteringly positive attitude, Heraldo never fails to bring a little extra joy to all those who stop by Eagles nest.  Read on to learn more about the man who is responsible for the happiest part of our day!

How long have you been here at BC: I’ve been here for 25 years.


Where are you from originally: Haiti


Tell us a little about yourself: I’m a friendly guy, a guy who’s in love with the lord Jesus.  I love Boston College, that’s my first home— it seems like I spend more time here than at my house! I love life— everyone loves life, but I think I love life more than anyone.  I love the students, and I love all the staff, they’re wonderful— we have a wonderful team. 


What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not here: Go to church to worship god, that’s my passion. 


What’s one thing BC kids know about you: My smile! They love my smile.


Your favorite thing about BC kids: They’re so friendly!


Your favorite thing about the staff: They get along with me. 



Originally a fixture on Newton Campus, Scott now brings his signature greeting and upbeat personality to the Chocolate Bar.  Decked out in his best Pats gear every Sunday (and occasionally during the week), Scott adds the best twist to our daily order. Learn more about this Boston Native here!

How long have you been here at BC: 6 years


Where are you from originally: Boston, MA


Tell us a little about yourself:  I’m married for 11 years and have two children— a 10 year old boy and an 8 year old girl.  I’ve worked at BC for 6 years and I’ve been taking classes for 4 of those six years (getting a degree in Corporate Systems through the Woods School)— I take mostly day classes, so I’m in class with a lot of undergrads.  I’m also a Cub Scout leader, football coach, and cook. 


What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not here: Anything with the kids— sports or the beach, we love to go to the beach, so we have kayaks, sailboats, and we go camping. 


What’s one thing important thing for BC kids to know about you: I pay particular attention to students with food allergies because both of my children have food allergies!  So if you ever have a question about what’s in something, I’ll stop everything and we’ll figure it out.


What’s your favorite thing about BC kids: All of the students – truly, I haven’t had any bad experiences with any of them.  They’re so nice; they’ve all been terrific (especially in group work, because no one wants the old guy, but they’re always so nice about it).


Tell us about your catch phrase, “heyhowaya?”: It just sort of happened.  But I really, truly mean it.  It’s not just something that comes out, I wanna hear about it.  If it’s good, great! If not and you wanna talk about it, I’m ready to listen. 



And finally, what would this list be without Dorita? A student favorite from day one, this “Newton Mom” is known for her warm hugs and even warmer personality.  Constantly cracking students up, and checking-in on all of her little freshmen, Stuart’s mini mart and it’s patrons are lucky to have such a gem.  Read on to learn more about the lovely Ms. Dorita!

How long have you been here at BC: 7 years


Where are you from originally: Peru


Tell us a little about yourself: I moved to the United States (MA) almost 9 years ago with my husband and three children.  I started working at BC a year and a half after I moved here and I really, really love to work here.  I love being part of the BC community— I looooooove my students!


What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not here: My favorite things are baking, cooking, and to take care of my plants (I love gardening)! And hanging out with my friends— you know, coffee, dinner.  And have time with my family, of course.


What’s one thing BC kids DON’T know about you: Sometimes I just go crazy when I go home and things aren’t working well [authors note: after acting out this “crazy” Dorita had the whole group laughing]— OH YEAHHH! Sometimes I just lose it!


Your favorite thing about BC (kids, staff, etc): Everybody’s so nice.  It makes me enjoy working here!




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