Brunch at Tatte: A Review

Brunch: that lovely meal we share with our friends on weekend mornings when it’s too late to say it’s breakfast, but it’s just not quite lunch. One of the most popular meals for college girls, brunch can be enjoyed at many different locations around Boston. If you are looking for the next place to try, Tatte Bakery and Café in Brookline is one spot to add to your “Brunch Bucketlist”!

This bustling bakery is the perfect place to enjoy some caffeine and some freshly baked treats! With outdoor seating and a “Panera Bread”-style ordering system, Tatte provides the perfect, relaxed atmosphere to devour a yummy brunch with your friends.

Pictured above is a cup of the delicious Muesli (fancy yogurt and granola) and the Avocado Tartine (fancy avocado toast) , two of the many great items featured on the brunch menu. One of the best avo toast recipes offered in the Boston area, the Tartine features a healthy portion of avocado, arugula, olive oil, and poached eggs on top of fresh sliced toast. 10/10 would recommend!

Tatte is also known for their delicious Shakshuka (pictured above), a North African inspired dish served in a large pan with fresh bread. Ask about their different versions of this classic brunch meal for an insta-worthy meal.

Try out Tatte in Brookline for your next delicious, picturesque brunch excursion with you friends!