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Breaking the BC Bubble: Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park

Two weeks ago, I was in downtown Boston for a meeting and was walking back to the T when I realized what a beautiful day it was.  As I was about to enter the Government Center T station to make it back in time for my 11 am, I decided to skip class and enjoy the city and the gorgeous weather.  I walked through Faneuil Hall and crossed the street, as I would to go to the North End Italian restaurants.  But, instead of heading toward the restaurants, I decided to walk to the water and just sit on a bench and enjoy the sun.

As I looked around me, I realized that this was a quiet escape tucked in a corner of Boston, surrounded by tall office buildings and restaurants.  Behind me was a long trellis where people were sitting, facing either the water or the city, silently and happily taking in the view. In the middle of the trellis was a statue of Christopher Columbus, for whom the park was named after.

Although there isn’t much to do in the park besides lounge on benches and grass lawns and look at memorials and fountains, I found myself there for an hour, walking around and enjoying my new discovery. People were walking their dogs, and mothers were watching their little toddlers play in a spray fountain.  It was an escape from the same old (gorgeous) landscape of BC, and reminded me that there is a world outside of our bubble.

So when you need some alone time to think about life or just separate yourself from school, go to Christopher Columbus Park and just sit on a bench.  It was one the most peaceful moments I have experienced during my time here at BC, and is a place I will continue to visit.

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