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Breaking the BC Bubble: Boston’s Theater District

No disrespect to residential life (not to be confused with the notorious ResLife) here on The Heights, but once in a while we all experience that twinge of campus-claustrophobia.  Sometimes it feels like we have spent too many weekend days cooped up in O’Neil and too many weekend nights wandering the Mods.  So when the time comes that you and friends are looking to get off campus for something bold, exciting, and different to do on a Saturday or Sunday, where is the best place to turn?   The lovely city of Boston, of course!

However, as a born-and-bred Boston girl, it breaks my heart to see that time after time the only Boston-based destinations that present themselves as options for the BC collegiette’s city excursion are Newbury Street and the North End.  Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping and I would give my right arm for a cannoli right now, but I feel it is my mission to demonstrate that Boston has more to offer than expensive clothing and carbs!

Therefore, when planning your next trip into the city, I strongly urge you to include a third option (just to ease you into things…) to your list of potential points of interest.   The hidden gem to which I am referring is: Boston’s Theater District!  This beautiful section of Boston is located between Tremont and Tyler Streets and packs a punch when it comes to fun and unique entertainment.

Just to get you thinking, here is a sneak peak at what types of fun and entertainment (okay, and food…) you can find year-round in Boston’s Theater District…

Blue Man Group
This is a must-see.  What is better than getting to watch three bald blue dudes do their thing on stage? Absolutely nothing.  This is not your typical theater experience by any means. For the entire hour and half that you are in the Charles Playhouse, I can guarantee you will be laughing, dancing, (at some points) cringing, but, in all cases, kept on the edge of your seat (literally). Boston is one of the five United States locations the Blue Man Group calls home, so take advantage of their wacky theatrical-musical-comedic performance.   Just to give you an idea of how much fun is in store: the last time I went to see Blue Man Group, I was called onstage to enjoy Twinkies with the Blue Men themselves AND I was hit in the face by Jell-O sent catapulting into the audience. Now THAT’S a good time!

Shear Madness
Also at the Charles Playhouse, Shear Madness is a fast-paced partially scripted but mostly improvised production that is never performed the same way twice.   The show’s main premise revolves around a murder in a hair salon, but the investigation of the murder (and therefore, the end and outcome of the show) is left completely up to (wait for it)…YOU!   Sheer Madness thrives off audience interaction not only to uncover the mystery-murderer, but also to provide the fodder for the show’s absolutely sidesplitting humor. J ust to offer an example: when we went to see the show on an eighth grade field-trip, some of the biggest laughs were the result of one actor’s on-going commentary as to the resemblance between Steven, my archenemy at the time, and Eminem. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

City Place
With all of this great entertainment in store, you are bound to get hungry – a girl’s gotta eat!   Stop into City Place (called the Transportation Building by us Boston natives) located on Stuart Street in the Theater District for some good eats either before or after the show.   City Place offers on-the-go options, such as Starbucks, D’Angelo, Emack & Bolio’s, and more, as well as sit-down dining, such as California Pizza Kitchen, P.F. Chang’s, Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery, and more!   Some great options for all sorts of occasions and budgets.

For those of you who have been successfully convinced that our wonderful city is made up of more than a shopping street and an Italian neighborhood, start planning your next excursion to the Theater District by checking out how you can purchase tickets to Blue Man Group, Sheer Madness, or even one of this season’s traveling performances (cough, cough: How the Grinch Stole Christmas: The Musical!!) at the link below:

Boston Theater District Shows: http://www.boston-discovery-guide.com/boston-theatre-district-shows.html#axzz27P7Qri5O

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