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Boston You’re my Home

The school year has reached the end, and I’ve been watching as my friends catch their flights to California or drive away for a 6-hour car ride to New Jersey.  I cannot help but smile when I prepare for my 40-minute drive back to Andover, a beautiful town located in Northern Mass.  As I look back on my decision to attend school in Boston, I have no regrets. I thought that maybe I would have preferred a change in scenery and experience life in a new state, but these past few months at Boston College have only deepened my love for Boston.

Starting with the Portico field trip into the city last August, I remember how my out of state classmates admired the city as they saw it for the very first time.  I felt pride when I explained how I’m from a local town, and showed them my favorite places in the city.

I got my second dosage of Boston when my roommate and I decided we wanted to venture to Mixfest, a free concert held in the city. We bonded as we watched Vance Joy and other artists take the stage. 

I am not embarrassed to admit how many times my friends I went to Newbury Street.  Whether if it was for coffee, dinner, or a day of shopping, I loved exploring the beautiful street and its surrounding area.

One of my favorite Boston adventures was when my friends and I attended the Beanpot at the Boston Garden.  Although hot and stuffy, riding the crowded T full of BC and rival school students made for an enjoyable experience.  Not to mention how fun it was to watch BC men’s hockey team win the whole thing.

On one Sunday morning my friends and I decided to have brunch at Cafeteria, and then explore Boston Commons.  We bought balloon animals and lemonade while we enjoyed a festival in the Commons.

Finally, nothing makes a better day in Boston then a trip to the world’s most beloved ballpark.  Even though I attended a Red Sox game with my diehard Yankees fan friend, I still got chills when the crowd sang “Sweet Caroline” and when Big Papi came up to bat. 


This year at Boston College has only made my feelings toward Boston stronger.  I look forward to spending my summer in the city, and look forward to everyone else returning in the fall.     





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