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Boston Strong


Wow, Boston.  We’ve all been through so much together this past week, and you’ve really shown me what it means to be part of a community.  After the horror on Marathon Monday, having friends and family from all over reaching out to make sure we were all safe, it was impossible to imagine another day full of fear and stomach-turning events.  Friday’s daylong lockdown and manhunt proved to me just why I chose the perfect city to call my new home.  Although I haven’t been here for very long, I’ve never felt pride towards a place and towards a people like I do here in Boston.  This city has heart.  Its people are courageous.  Its spirit, resilient.  I got a taste of this culture when I first moved up here, but it was under moments of chaos that Boston’s true soul was proven to me, and I finally knew what it meant to be Boston Strong.

People here look out for one another.  They go out of their way to make sure strangers are safe.  Our law enforcement officers worked tirelessly on this case, running around barren streets for nearly 24 hours until the suspect was in custody.  Neighbors asked each other if they needed anything during the lockdown, making sure people were comfortable and had plenty of food.  Our schools sent students constant emails keeping us in the know about what was happening and if it was safe to leave our dorm rooms.  Though there was fear in the air, we all knew that, as a city, we could overcome anything together.

After what seemed like a lifetime of anticipation, news finally broke out that the suspect was in custody, and cue the endless cheering on the streets!  Obviously we’re all ecstatic that a dangerous person has been captured, but I’m pretty sure everyone is celebrating the fact that our beautiful city has been taken back once again.  You don’t mess with Boston!  I could not be more thrilled to be a part of this tough and high-spirited city.  We are Boston, and we are proud, grateful, and strong. 


Niloufar is a senior at Boston College, majoring in French and English. 
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