Boston College Chief Executives Club

This week’s campus celebrity is the Boston College Chief Executives Club. A club right on campus that caters to the elite managers and chief officers of New England based companies. This is a club that throws fancy events, speaking forums and networking events for some of the most important and influential people in the area. It brings great publicity for Boston College Carroll School of Management and keeps Boston College connected with some of the country’s best, smartest, and most innovative people.

I am lucky enough to work at the club as a work study student. I love helping the team get ready for the events. I get to take RSVPs, create email announcements, and speak to CEOs and managing partners in the area. Sometimes I even go to the events. So this week I am going to tell you about the club and why I like to work for them.

What is the best thing about the club:

The club gives these important and influential people a forum to talk and communicate with each other. It gives BC a chance to be involved with the owners of the firms in a way that adds value to their lives. I think that the club really portrays a beneficial symbiotic relationship between Boston College and the top business men and women in the area.

What do you like most about working the events:

I love that when I work the events I get to directly interact with the members of the club. I get to help them with what they need and work with them to make the experience as beneficial as possible. And the food is awesome.

What kind of events do you work:

I work the networking events and the speaker luncheons. These events are mostly about letting the members interact with each other and learn more about the new innovations in the various industries.

Who is on the team:

The team is made up of three very intelligent and innovative people. Warren Zola, a Boston College professor, is the president of the club. Lauren Fournier is the main person behind the operation. She does everything from recruiting speakers to stuffing envelopes. Finally, Gail O’Connor is the person who goes out and tries to get new people to join the club and she does not take "no" for an answer.

How can you get involved:

The club is always interested in eager students ready to help. Basically anyone can call the club and ask to volunteer for an event. The ladies who work to make these great events happen are always looking for people who are willing to come and help out at the events. 

The club provides a great place for men and women to interact and learn about the companies in Boston and the New England area. I think that the club is a great asset to Boston College and I just wanted to shine the light on this amazing program.


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