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Best Things About November

Out with October, in with November. So long brainstorming about which Halloween costumes your squad will rock, and start planning who is bringing what to Friendsgiving. November may not be as loved as October and hey, it may just be the bridge between the two best months of the year. But, this month still has lots to celebrate that we can’t forget about and here it is.


Yes, the leaves started to turn colors in October, but look outside, now, they are in full force! Go walk around the Res, and check it out. You will truly see how beautiful foliage is!


Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? Delicious food, great company, and you get to travel home for a few days. Celebrating all the things we love and are thankful for, who isn’t grateful for this holiday?

Red Holiday cups at Starbucks

They are back! Every (basic) girl gets happy at the sight. Not only does the cups mean that Christmas is coming, but it also means that peppermint mocha lattes are back! Let’s be honest, we all know everything tastes better in the red cups.

Midterms are over (well, basically)

We all know at BC, midterm week is nonexist. Instead, it is more like midterm month and more. Now that we have turned our calendars, it is safe to say that midterms are slowing down and by that I mean, maybe you will only have one each week. But hey, one is better than four, am I right?


We love Thanksgiving, and with that comes Friendsgiving, of course. Celebrating how grateful you and your friends are for one another over food and drink does not get much better. With how fast the days fly, you may want to start planning who is cooking what now!

Black Friday

To round up this month, we have the craziest, most insane, and sales-galore day of the year, Black Friday! We all love to wake up at the crack of dawn and shop ‘til we drop, even if there are crazy lines and lots of people. Not only does this day truly kick off the Christmas season, but it also is a tradition for many. So, get your shopping lists ready and elbows out because this day is just upon us!

Halloween Candy is on Sale

Because who doesn’t love candy and who doesn’t love a sale? Head over to your local store and stock up. We all know you won’t regret it.

Daylight Savings

That extra hour we just got? So clutch, especially after Halloweekend. Take advantage of that extra hour of sleep and be grateful that we did not lose an hour like the spring.

So, yes November may be stuck in between the best months of the year, October and December, but no, there are still things to celebrate. When the weather starts getting even more chilly and you hear yourself complaining, look around and just be grateful the trees aren’t bare yet. Happy November collegiettes! Let’s see what this month has in store.


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Molly is a senior at Boston College studying Communication and Political Science. She is currently a Campus Corespondent for Her Campus BC and is looking forward to writing articles! She loves to travel, hangout with her friends, and go on adventures. Her mantra is "If you are always trying to be normal, you'll never know how amazing you can be" - Maya Angelou.
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