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The Best Thing to Happen to Your Inbox: theSkimm

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

The BC bubble is real. We so get wrapped up in what new flavor of coffee is at the chocolate bar and which mod is throwing a party this weekend that we often forget about the outside world. It is easy to get so overwhelmed with schoolwork and social lives that watching the news we would take up too much valuable time. It is easy to just pass by the stacks of newspapers and glance at the big picture on the cover as you continue to walk by.

Much of the time we only hear about the news in brief conversation. This lack of knowledge becomes an issue when you talk to your parents and they ask, “Can you believe what is going on with ISIS?”, like what even is ISIS?! No fear students, I have the solution for you!

While many students are already current users, I’m sure alot of you do not know about theSkimm. Well, I have found the best thing next to the warm apple cider at Addies! TheSkimm is my morning addiction. It’s a daily email newsletter that arrives in in your inbox at 6 am on Monday through Friday; it can bcome your secret weapon for the day. It breaks down all you need to stay in the know and jump into conversation—it’s smart, witty, and quick. They read, you “Skimm”.

TheSkimm was founded by two college students while studying abroad. They noticed that their smart, successful friends were short on time and were seeking quick updates about news headlines. And thus theSkimm was born. This is one of the few email subscriptions that you wont regret and will probably be thankful for the next time you hear about a news headline and are able to contribute to the conversation.

Don’t forget to sign up here for your morning subscription and get your very own dose of helpful, brief news coverage!



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