Best Thanksgiving Sitcom Episodes

If you’re looking in a way to get into the Thanksgiving spirit, sitcoms are always a great go-to.  Although each show usually has several different Thanksgiving-themed episodes, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites to help get you into the holiday spirit.


“New Girl: Thanksgiving IV”

As cuffing season begins, Schmidt takes it upon himself to create a new holiday, “Bangsgiving”, where each member of the loft must find dates for one another and invite them all to an incredibly awkward Thanksgiving dinner.

“Friends: The One with the Rumor”

Brad Pitt guest starring and Joey eating in maternity pants. What more could you ask for?  In this episode, Monica invites Brad Pitt’s character over for dinner, who lo and behold started an “I hate Rachel Green” fan club in high school with Ross. What makes this episode extra funny is the fact that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were dating at the time, and play enemies in the episode.

“How I Met Your Mother: Slapsgiving”

While Lilly tries to make her and Marshall’s first Thanksgiving as a married couple special, Barney spends the day anxiously awaiting a slap from Marshall per their infamous slap bet.

“Modern Family: Three Turkeys”

Phil and Luke insist on taking the reins in the kitchen for Thanksgiving, so Claire prepares a backup plan.  Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria lie and say that they are on vacation when they are in fact hiding away at their house.  That’s about as relatable of a Thanksgiving episode as you can get.


“The Office:”

Dwight sets up a hay-themed amusement park in the office parking lot in order to celebrate Thanksgiving, and names himself “Hay King”.  This episode isn’t centered around Thanksgiving, but it deserves an honorable mention for Dwight’s antics, and an extra point for Kevin getting lost in a hay maze and panicking.