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The Best Study Breaks During Finals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

Now that classes are winding down for the semester, we all have that dreaded feeling that the amount of work is about to multiply by ten. Doing work 24/7 is no way to get through finals week. It’s miserable enough as it is. Instead of fearing the endless number of hours you’ll be in O’Neill or Bapst, here are some ways to keep yourself motivated (and at least semi happy) while still feeling productive at the same time. Keep in mind it is very easy to get distracted doing most of these things. Don’t let your distractions take over your finals week.


  1. Go for a walk Around the Res: Going for a walk around the Res is one of my favorite past times even when it’s not finals week. Getting that breath of fresh air is key to keeping yourself motivated.

Advantage: There is a time limit. Just do one or two laps around the Res and back to work. This way you don’t get totally lost doing something else.

Disadvantage: Once you have that taste of what it’s being like outdoors, going to the library could be that much more difficult. We all know it’s actually impossible to bring your laptop outside and try to get work done.

  1. Buzzfeed: Lately my roommates and I have been addicted to the lists put up by Buzzfeed. Whether the list is about cute little kids, the worst tattoos or all the things that remind you of the 90’s, all Buzzfeed lists are hysterical and keep me completely occupied. Some crowd favorites include “The 40 Greatest Dog GIFS of All Time” and “11 Engagement Photos That Will Make You Happy You’re Single”.

Advantage: I find all Buzzfeed lists entertaining in some way. They’re great mood-boosters.

Disadvantage: It is way too easy to lose yourself reading lists and not realize how much time you’ve let pass.

  1. Make a group dinner with your roommates: For those of you upperclassmen, this is a great way to have some roommate bonding and take a break from studying. Trying out a fun recipe or making a group favorite lets you finally spend time with your roommates outside the library.

Advantage: After not spending time with anyone at all in a social environment, you can finally vent about all the horrible papers you have to write and tests you have to study for.

Disadvantage: This isn’t really an opportunity for you underclassmen. Also, you have to clean everything up when it’s done.

  1. Go to the plex: The best way to stop feeling so lazy during finals week is to hit up the plex. I’m sure you won’t be alone in this one. Everyone is desperate to stop moving from chair to chair. Take a group class, like yoga or spin, with your roommates to take a break together.

Advantage: You finally feel active. After hours spent sitting down, getting up and working out will make you feel productive.

Disadvantage: It could be hard to get back to work and buckle down now that you finally have energy.

  1. Take a trip to go out for ice cream: There are so many great ice cream places around campus, like Chill and White Mountain. After all that hard work, you deserve to reward yourself with some ice cream.

Advantage: It’s another way to keep yourself social during finals time and not feel like you are completely shut off from the world.

Disadvantage: It is way too easy to end up distracted with your friends or roommates once you realize that the second you leave, you have to go back and do work.


Hopefully you find these 5 ways distracting enough but not too distracting during your finals week! Good luck everyone!


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Caitlin is currently a student at Boston College studying English and Pre-Law.  At BC, she is a member of the Boston College Irish Dance Club, on the Honors Program Student Executive Board's Community Service Committee, and interns and writes for the fashion and culture blog Rusted Revolution.  She has been wriring for Her Campus BC since Jaunary 2011 and is serving as BC's Campus Correspondent for the 2012-2013 school year.  Outside of school, she is a competitive Irish dancer, and has been dancing for 18 years. During her high school career, she completed an engineering project at Case Western Reserve University that made her one of 40 Intel Science Talent Search Finalists in 2009.   In addition to all of this, Caitlin loves reading, yoga, running, shopping, spending time with friends and family, and traveling.