Best Songs to do Homework to

Let’s be real, music makes everything better. Whether you’re walking to class or working out at the gym or writing an essay, the right kind of music can boost your mood and make a difference in how hard you work. If you’re like me and listening to music while you do homework helps motivate you, then check out this list of songs that are sure to make any study session more bearable.

1. “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson

This is the perfect song for an early morning study session. The song is relaxing and uplifting, and Jack Johnson has a soothing voice that could calm your nerves about an upcoming exam.


2. “Complicated” by Olivia O’Brien

This is a more recent and moody version of Avril Lavigne’s song “Complicated” from 2002, without Avril’s electric guitar. It is sure to get you reminiscing about your childhood. It’s one of those songs that you can have on in the background without it being too distracting, but it is also fun to sing along to.

3. “She Moves In Her Own Way” by The Kooks

This is another upbeat and encouraging song with uplifting lyrics that will get you through your work. It has summery vibes, which should make studying in the winter more bearable.


4. “Pumpin Blood - The Jane Doze Remix” by NONONO

If you feel like you can’t make it through another hour of reading or that you can’t seem to write the fifth page of your essay, this song will literally remind you that you are alive and you can do anything.


5. “Kamikaze” by WALK THE MOON


Here is another song that will empower you to get stuff done. This song will bring out your inner hard-core self and if it doesn’t make you want to study harder, it will definitely make you want to fight some bad guys.


6. “It Ain’t Wrong Loving You” by HONNE

This is a sweet song that will make you feel loved if you’re feeling lonely studying in the library on your own. You’ll probably want to sing along to this one, too.


7. “Loving Is Easy” by Rex Orange County

Whether you’re writing an essay or reading a textbook, this song is the perfect soundtrack for feeling positive and relaxed. It’s also a great song to listen to on a Sunday morning.


8. “Plot Twist” by Sigrid

This is a great rallying and fight song that can motivate you to show your professors how their analytical essay and twenty page reading can’t bring you down.


Next time you have a long study session, try listening to these songs and see if they help you be more efficient or work longer.