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The Best Running Routes Starting From BC

Spring is finally here, and you know what that means for us at BC – more sundresses, Marathon Monday, and less waiting for an open treadmill at the Plex!  The warmer the weather gets, the more I am inclined to run outside and enjoy the fresh air after being cooped up after a long, long winter.  Apparently the rest of the student body agrees with me – the Res has been packed with runners these past couple of weeks!  Even though the Res is such a convenient place to run since it is so close to campus, I have found that the loop can become a little repetitive after you’ve run it a bunch of times.  So, to keep your workout fresh and exciting, I have compiled a list of running routes recommended to me by BC students suitable for runners of all levels!

1. The Newton Campus Run
Feeling nostalgic for you freshman year?  Miss Stuart’s sandwiches and Dorita?  Run back to your old dorm on Newton Campus!  The approximately 2 mile run is relatively easy and the roads contain some inclines as opposed to the completely level running path of the Res, intensifying your workout.  For those of you who have never had to ride the Newton Bus back and do not know the route (shame on you…), just run west up Commonwealth Ave and make a right onto Centre Street – Newton Campus will be on your left. Another perk to this run – if you’re too tired to run back to main campus, you can always take the Newton Bus!

2. The Newton Center Rectangle 
 This route is just like the Newton Campus route, but instead of making a right onto Centre Street, make a LEFT onto Centre Street!  Continue running up Centre Street and you’ll find yourself in beautiful Newton Center.  If you don’t want to stop and grab a bite to eat or shop in the Center, you can keep running and make a left onto Beacon Street, which will bring you back home to Boston College.  This run, if you take Beacon Street back, is about 3½ miles.

3. The Track Star Run
 If you are ambitious enough to run 6 miles, you can take the route that BC’s Track Team usually runs.  First you run down Commonwealth Ave, make a right onto Harvard Street, and then run back up Beacon Street all the way back to Boston College.  If you’re just starting to run and don’t have enough endurance to last those six miles, or are looking for more of a challenge, BC’s very own track star, sophomore Ashlynn Fields, recommends varying how little or much you run by running down Comm Ave, making a right down any road stemming off of Comm Ave, and then running back up Beacon St!

4. The Esplanade Run 
This 10 mile round trip route is for those who love a run with a view!  The Esplanade is a beautiful place to get your daily fix of cardio, plus it’s relatively easy to run to and from BC.  While there are many ways to get to the Esplanade, the easiest ways are either to run past the BU West campus and make your way over to the Charles River, or to run through Cleveland Circle, stay on Beacon Street, and then make a left onto Charlesgate E until you reach the Esplanade on your left.  You’ll have a great view of the Charles River while you run and a chance to get that perfect “springtime on the Charles” Instagram you know you’re secretly dying to post!

Springtime in Boston is absolutely beautiful, but seems so short since we pack so many events and finals into the last few months of school!  By taking advantage of our surroundings, we can enjoy the spring weather while working on our summer bikini bods just by taking a jog off campus!


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