The Best Playlists on Spotify for Every Occasion

Music is one of life’s little treasures and sometimes there is truly nothing better than listening to the perfect song at the perfect moment. Whether you are driving in the car to a great head-bobbing tune or running on the treadmill to an empowering beat, there are so many instances where music can complement your everyday life.




Here are a few of our favorite playlists on Spotify for special occasions:


For that heart-pumping workout

Check out this playlist filled with uplifting songs and remixes the next time you head to the gym. With great songs by Kygo, Calvin Harris and more you will surely be dancing a bit more as you lift those dumbbells.


For that cross-country road trip

Roll down your windows and blast this playlist filled with classic road trip songs that will certainly fuel your good mood on the roads.


For that spontaneous dance party

Enjoy all the latest pop hits and, of course, dance along with this selection of songs. Appropriately named “Happy Hits”, this playlist will leave you with a smile on your face.


For that focus time in the library

Enjoy some laid-back country music while you crank through those assignments in the library. You will be transported to your favorite coffeeshop and feel nice and calm as you work.


For that time when boys are the worst

Feeling down from a breakup? Or maybe just in general? This playlist is a perfect pick me up to have you feeling confident and right like yourself again!


For that day you are in the mood for throwbacks

Sometimes all you want are some good ol’ throwback tunes that will bring you back to your younger years. Well, this is the perfect playlist for just that. With songs from TLC and Destiny's Child, you know it will be great.


Check out these great playlists the next time you are in the mood!