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Best Places to Run in Boston

With the Boston Marathon right around the corner and spring temperatures making an appearance, I’ve been more motivated to put on my Nikes and go for a run. While the beloved Res is closest, and definitely a beautiful run, here are some other great spots near campus to find a great workout (and see our gorgeous city)!

1. The Charles River Path

This path runs along both sides of the river, with many bridges connecting each side so you can cross back and forth whenever you want. It offers great views of the Boston skyline and is very popular during the warmer summer months.

2. The Boston Commons

The city’s massive green space has tons of paved walkways, ponds, and gardens that you can weave in and out of on your run. You may even see some street performers or cute dogs along the way!

3. Boston Harbor Walk

The city’s Harbor Walk lines all sides of the harbor and follows all the piers, beaches, and shorelines. Start wherever you’d like and follow it until you’re done with your run– it will be over 45 miles long when completely finished!

4. Jamaica Pond

Similar to our own Res, this pond is about 1.5 miles around so take a lap– or 3! It’s also super easy to get to from Brookline, so if you’re a distance runner this may be the new route for you!

5. Carriage Road in Newton

This route is particularly good for those who wants to run hills (and is a famous part of the Marathon). It runs parallel to Comm Ave near campus and can be taken as far as Wellesley.

6. Comm Ave Mall

This walkway in the Back Bay neighborhood is shaded, quieter than the Common, and not far from Fenway Park, plus you’ll be able to see some of the gorgeous buildings in Back Bay!

Hopefully this gives you some new places to explore while getting your heart rate up. Happy running!





Diana is a freshman at BC this year majoring in biology on a pre-med track. In her limited free time she enjoys running the res, finding the best fro-yo places around, and spending time with the awesome people she's met!
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