Being a Vegetarian on Thanksgiving

If there's anything I've learned in the last 10 years, it's that being a vegetarian on Thanksgiving is a struggle. On a day dedicated to turkey, it can be difficult as a vegetarian to navigate the Thanksgiving dinner table. Here's a typical Thanksgiving situation for my herbivore type:

1. Filling up on sides dishes. Lots of sides dishes. (Who needs turkey when the sides are so good?!)

2. Having that one relative ask 100 times if you just want to "try the turkey"...

3. Eating way too many rolls (carbs, carbs, carbs)

4. Everyone will crack a few jokes about your vegetarianism

5. Everyone calls your dish "the healthiest plate"

6. The joke around the room if the turkey will be tofu ("Tofurky")

7. Being asked "so what DO you eat?"

8. Still being able to enjoy the best part of Thanksgiving: dessert

No matter what your eating preferences or what you are eating this upcoming Thanksgiving, enjoy your holiday break!