Being the Bigger Person

Dear Stressed Students,

 We all go through so much while at school... Between classes, tests, projects, friends, roommates, and other commitments, it feels as if there is no room to breathe. On top of feeling overwhelmed and pretty stressed at times, I feel like it's so easy to become frustrated with the people around me. It's so easy to fall into a trap of being and staying annoyed at the people around us. Sometimes a bad day can trigger someone to become quick to anger and have extremely low tolerance for certain people. We all do it, and we have all been in a position where it feels as if the whole world is annoying.  

I hope that the next time you are annoyed or feeling hurt, you have the strength to speak up for yourself but to do it with respect. You are so loved and so worthy of being respected. People can be so rude sometimes and don't understand how stressed, overwhelmed, or hurt you may be. So many people around you care about you and want nothing but the best for you.  We all go through times when we feel like the world is against us and that nothing is going well. The next time that you feel that way or feel really angry about a certain situation/person know this:

 One of the greatest lessons I've learned is that everyone is so loved by the people around them (yes, even the people you don't like that much are so loved) and so you should choose to approach them with a positive attitude and respect that they are their own person who is valued by others. There is so much strength that comes from choosing to be the bigger person in a situation where things get tough. Whether its a rude friend, inconsiderate roommates, fighting with a friend, or just a rough patch in life, know that you are not alone but your choice to rise above the people who are being rude is such an admirable one. The hardest part of being the bigger person is to choose to let petty things go, and to walk away knowing that you deserve better and that small issues aren't worth the time and hurt feelings.

Especially in college, I feel that everyone can have an adult conversation about things that may be bothering them. There is always a respectful and kind way to bring up a topic and to talk about it without pointing fingers, getting defensive, or beating around the bush. There is nothing wrong with voicing how you feel because your feelings are always valid.

 I hope that you choose to not only rise above stressful times in the near future but also to do it with poise and kindness.

Best of luck!