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Whether you’re in the car on the way home, or flying to a tropical destination, you’re bound to need a few beauty items to get you through your travels. Since you’ll have some extra time, you can try out a few new products or bring along old favorites. Either way, this guide can help get started packing!

A HeavyDuty Lip Balm

While everyday chapsticks are good for on the go, try something that’s a bit more nourishing. Since we’re still in the midst of winter, lips tend to be dry, and if you’re traveling somewhere warm, excessive sun exposure can also dry out your lips. This lip balm by Bobbi Brown is great. It contains avocado and olive oils, beeswax, and aloe vera, all of which help to condition lips. The pale pink color leaves behind a sheer tint that is pretty enough to wear on its own.

Breath Spray

If you’re in the car or on the plane for a while, you’ll most likely feel tired and a little disheveled. Breath spray is a small, but effective way to help you feel refreshed. This tiny spray is perfect for traveling, and great for storing in your cosmetic case, purse, or clutch. The brand offers two flavors, supermint and mojito mint, and states that each bottle contains about 70 or more spritzes. Pack one or two of these away in your carry on or bag for whenever you need it!

Argan Oil

Lots of traveling can lead to dry and dull skin, so a moisturizer is necessary. This one from Josie Maran is really nice because it hydrates the skin without feeling greasy. It can even be used on your nails and hair, which is great for when you’re traveling and want to save room in your suitcase or cosmetic case. This can be used during any season or in any climate, so it’ll work for you whether you’re spending your week by the beach or traveling somewhere cooler. Plus, the smaller bottle is travel-friendly, and won’t spill in your bag.

Mini Hairbrush

A hairbrush is always an essential, but especially for traveling. This mini brush is so compact that it’ll easily fit into your purse or beach bag, and the design is specifically meant for both dry and wet hair, meaning that it won’t tangle it any further or cause any breakage. Grab one of these for touch ups in the car or for after swimming in the ocean.

No matter where you’re traveling to for Spring Break, hopefully this guide will be useful!








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