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BC in Review: Nourish

Welcome to the newest feature on Her Campus BC- the “BC In Review” segment. Here I will be talking about and reviewing different things happening around the BC campus- anything from a class at the Plex to a new food in the dining hall or drink at the Chocolate Bar- and giving you more information about it as well as my opinion on whether you should give it a try or maybe a pass.

For my first review, I will be talking about a word that is trending in the dining halls these days: “nourish.” Maybe some of you have heard about the Nourish campaign, but if you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, that is what my review is for! Let me “nourish” your brain with more information about this new healthy eating campaign.

BC Dining Services and the Office of Health Promotion are working in collaboration on the Nourish campaign to increase the availability of healthier options in the dining halls as well as to get students better educated and more aware of the foods they are consuming at every meal. This campaign was launched at the Office of Health Promotion’s event, Healthapalooza, on September 25th, and will continue throughout the school year.

The campaign focuses around six key health-eating messages, and will launch a new message, along with coordinating healthy food options in the dining hall, each month.  For the month of October, the main message is “Choose foods closest to their natural form.” but other messages being shared are “Go lean with protein,” “Get your calcium rich foods,” “Make half your grains whole,” “Drink water instead of sugary beverages,” and “Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.”

Nourish campaign also plans to include informal information sessions and tours led by Office of Health Promotion Health Coaches around the dining area to inform you of where and how you can incorporate these messages into your everyday diet.     

How would I review Nourish? I think the Nourish campaign is a great addition to BC.  Although many students are already knowledgeable about healthy eating, everyone can benefit and learn new healthful tips from this program.  I believe this program will definitely be successful, but it certainly relies on student participation, so I encourage you all to sign up for dining hall tours and to keep an eye out for tags and markers indicating which foods follow the key message of the month. Spend those dollars, take a chance, and give these tagged foods a try!


For more information, check out the Office of Health Promotion on their Facebook page or their home website.



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