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As a senior, I have come to learn that over my time at BC, experience has taught me well and there are many things I wish I knew as a freshman. During that first year, I was itching to ask upperclassmen about housing, boys, jobs and so much more about the future, but just didn’t know how to ask the seniors I did know. Would they be honest with me? Would they gloss it over or would they make it seem worse than it is? I also wondered if the seniors were really that different from myself as a freshman? Sure they were older and could legally drink and had taken more classes, but we were all BC students in a four-year age range so we must be able to relate in some way. For me, I see that honesty is the best policy and that we are all part of the greater BC community and therefore when asked questions by one of the sweetest freshman girls I know (who is also on the HCBC team!) I was happy to give my opinion. So freshmen, take some notes and maybe you can see if things change or if something is just a BC way of life.

1. Where are the best places to live?

Let me preface that you are talking to someone with horrible housing luck: Newton, CoRo, Edmonds, Edmonds…yep it DOES happen! But I have realized, as cliché as it may be, it is not where you live as much as who you live with that is important! That being said… as a sophomore, EVERYONE wants to live on Lower and tries to avoid CoRo like the plague. You see friendships fall apart over it and honestly it is kind of sad. By junior year, you have the big choice of on or off-campus. There are definitely pros and cons to both, but if you want to live off-campus definitely one with a big basement, access to roof (which could just be a window) and no creepy landlord. For seniors, it would be the Mods, even though I would have to say the “Voute Penthouses” are superb quality.

2. Do you really want a Mod?

Of course everyone will probably say yes and maybe I am a bit biased since I did not get a Mod, but I would have to say from the stories and lack of storage that it is better to have close friends who have Mods but not live in one yourself. Although the Mod sweats are quite evitable, I like the fact that when things get crazy on weekend nights I can leave and don’t have to worry about cleaning up in the morning. Also, carrying your laundry to Walsh in this snow…no thanks! Having a Mod though is definitely part of the BC culture, so if you have the chance, get one. You may regret the lack of storage and functioning plumbing you will have for your senior year, but the memories will be worth it!

3. Is it hard to find a job? Will we be ok?

Eeek. I am going to be honest, you are asking this at the wrong time for me. I would have to say it depends, but don’t worry because with a diploma from BC…you will be okay! Definitely take advantage of the networking opportunities available to you and work hard. Start thinking about your job early and take advantage of testing out internships. I am a nervous wreck about getting hired, but it is a competitive world.

4. From a senior guy, I heard that there’s this thing called a Swug. It stands for Senior Washed Up Girl… is that really a thing?

Not gonna lie, I never heard of this before, but it could be a thing. Then again, it wasn’t until the fall of this year that I knew what “FOMO” was either.

5. Do the boys ever mature?

I would love to say yes, but this is a topic up for debate. Some of them do, but some of them still don’t know how to treat a girl and will act like a child in public or private. Sure it is entertaining, but it can get old as well. To be fair though, I think some girls haven’t matured yet either and still are caught up in what I call high school drama.

6. Is it weird when senior guys go for freshman girls? Because it’s not all that uncommon I’ve come to find.

I remember when I was a freshman, senior guys going after freshman girls was definitely a thing as well. I guess for guys it could be that they have had their chances with most of the senior girls they are interested in by our senior year and therefore want literally “fresh” meat. When you think about it, our school does get smaller and smaller as the years go on and you are just connected to so many people that it can get a bit awkward if you and your friends all hooked up with the same guy. To me, it is kind of weird because I don’t imagine myself going after a freshman guy, but instead would want to go older, but that could be personal preference. We are only 3-4 years apart in age from each other, so if you think of it that way it’s not that weird.

7. What is the best class that you need to take?

I definitely suggest taking a discussion-based class such as a Capstone during your senior year because it is a great way to express yourself, get to really know your peers and reflect on important life issues that are relevant. By senior year, nobody is afraid to speak up or voice their opinions anymore in a way that I remember was common in my freshman classes, so you definitely see good debate and conversation. In general though, take a fun class that has nothing to do with your career path or even your major, but a passion or area of interest you want to explore deeper because after college it will be rare to study something like this!

8. Which clubs are the best to be in? Which are most impressive to employers?

Hmm, I don’t think there is a “best club,” but what employers like to see is that you are involved in a club that is relevant to your career path, highlights your passions and talents and has given you experience in situations that could relate to what your job may ask. Also, being devoted to a club is important and by junior or senior year being a leader in that club. Instead of joining a bunch of clubs, stick to one that you excel in and enjoy and work your way up. Make a lasting impact on the club that is impressive and positive.

9. When do people find relationships? Do a lot of students leave with their future “spouse”?

MA’s or the Mods…duh! haha just kidding, even though I am sure it is possible. I have heard of so many married couples that are both BC alumn, but I have no idea where they met. I find some of my friends in relationships and they all started differently: parties, in classes, on service trips, through mutual friends, etc. I do not know if a lot of people leave with a future spouse, but I definitely think by senior year I have a better idea of what I do and do not want in a relationship, which is helpful.

10. What do you regret not doing during your years at BC?

Of course there are things I always regret such as nights I didn’t go out, parties I missed, stupid arguments I got in, classes I didn’t take, shows I didn’t get to see and lazy days I spent inside instead of exploring city, but nothing too depressing. As much as I went into the city, I do wish I went out more and to different areas, but I am a baby when it comes to the cold. I guess one thing I do regret is not recognizing how fast this time would go by and taking advantage of literally every second!

11. What is the best thing you did at BC?

Oh man, such a tough question. I think the best thing for me is anything I do with my friends. It is cliché and a little vague, but there is nothing like sharing memories with people who have seen you laugh, cry, make a fool of yourself or be completely serious (possibly all in one night). I would have to say living on Newton, Marathon Mondays, Arrupe, Her Campus, Relay, hockey games, nights out with my friends and TAing a Courage to Know class have all been completely rewarding. But then I let my mind run and even more things come to mind…

12. How come we don’t use trays?

HA! Good question. I never used trays in high school, so not using them in college wasn’t that big of a change. It wasn’t until I realized I was struggling to hold everything in my arms and get my BC ID out all at the same time that I questioned if we even had trays. I like to think trays take up room at the table and without them we can just include more people at the table and this is just a sign that we always want to be with our friends.

13. There’s a stereotype of the typical BC girl. Does it exist? Are you one? What is it?

It’s weird, before coming to BC I thought of the BC girl as someone pretty and preppy with brains and then when I came here I was like “Nah im not that stereotype.” The funny thing is, people outside of BC see that in me and my friends. When I go to visit friends at other schools or go home on break, people always tell me “I can so tell you go to school in New England and definitely BC.” I was even on spring break and someone said, “Oh you go to BC, are you rich and famous? How are the girls so pretty AND smart?” I guess that was a compliment. I think BC girls do care about their grades, their appearance, their health and their social status to varying degrees, but at the same time I think we are all individuals.

14. I hear that BC is rare in that seniors do not want to leave. Why is that?

Honestly, I don’t know how to answer this question. Somewhere along my four years here, BC has become part of my identity. We don’t have Greek life so I think by not being part of some sorority or fraternity, we are all-inclusive and have so many opportunities that expand across social circles and interests. Between the sports, social atmosphere and academics, everyone just feels like they fit in. We are a community and sure there is drama, but above that are the memories. I guess part of it is not wanting to face reality either.

Stay tuned for next time when I, a senior, get to ask a freshman some questions. Have things changed since we began BC in 2010 or is it all the same? What do freshman think about BC norms? It should be interesting and a great sharing of perspectives.


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