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BC Housing Drama as told by The Real Housewives

It’s that time of year again, the time when the word “transfer” comes into freshmen vocabulary: Housing. Whether you’re going for an eight-man on Lower, avoiding CoRo at all costs, or dividing up your six for the unlikely mod, drama is unavoidable.

Because they know drama better than anyone else, and the real struggles of this world, here are the Real Housewives explaining housing.

You and your friends get your “dream” group together and all agree on rooming together in some variation.

You then have to ~secretly~ pick your direct roommate. Alliances are at an all-time high right now.


Sarah says she doesn’t want to room with Jill because Jill’s boyfriend will be a third roommate.  And he just sucks. And Jill is like:


Taylor texts the GroupMe out of the blue and says she’s living with another group of friends she got close with while on Appa. Way to be a team player, Taylor.


If you’re going for a mod, you now want to find another group of 6 to block with, and since when can you trust a whole group of 6 other women!?


Now, your group is in this bleak limbo of: “Do we post our desperation for another roommate on Facebook?” OR “Do we frantically ask around to our friends, acquaintances, and BC lookaway’s for roommate suggestions?” Either way, you and your friends end up like this:


Courtney just dropped the bomb that she can’t sign the house lease because her parents are making her live on campus for “academic” reasons. Like, what is that?



Once your roommates are all set, you have to find the most responsible person to sign up for a pick-time. This stage is also confusing because none of you are responsible.


Pick–times start and it’s a game of musical chairs, but with breaking up roommates, destroying friendships, and trying to dodge Roncalli, BC Housing is probably the biggest flaw at BC. That, and the Gold Pass. Good luck to all! Remember, housing doesn’t determine everything. Kidding, it totally does.


(Kidding, again.)












Born and raised in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Kelly is a Senior at Boston College studying Communications and Marketing. She loves the fashion and beauty industries. She's had lots of experience with women and their tastes, given her all-girls high school background. At BC, she's involved in Strong Women Strong Girls, Student Admissions Program, and is an account management intern for Hill Holliday . When she catches a break, Kelly spends an obscene amount of time on Buzzfeed, rewatching Breaking Bad on Netflix, and attempting to workout.
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