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BC Dating Confession

I’m going to start my story a little off task.  I’ve always been a little jealous of Taylor Swift. For one, she is absolutely gorgeous, wears stunning clothes, and seems to have mastered self-confidence. That being said, the real reason I’m bringing her up is that I’ve always wished I could call out my exes the way she does in her songs. So here goes my first Taylor Swift payback post. 

It all started off really cute – like totally adorable levels of cuteness. We met while doing an activity we both were doing to push outside our comfort zones (not to be named to protect his identity). A whole group of us really connected and we were both in it. I found him endearing. He was older and fun.

Even so, nothing happened right away. Over the next couple of weeks we texted in our group message with all our other friends from that day, clearly hitting it off. Soon enough, he asked me on a study date. From there it was quick to DTR and we were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Sounds great right?

Well, here’s the catch. He had absolute no interest in being physical with me. When I say this, I wish I meant sex. I could get that. We go to Catholic school and we just started dating. BUT THAT WASN’T IT. 

My boyfriend absolutely refused to kiss me.  After dating for three months, I tried to initiate more, as in something, but he freaked out. 

If that was just it, I would have kept dating him. Is it really fair to break up with someone, because they don’t want to be physical? But on top of refusing to do anything but hold my hand, he wanted to spend every moment of the day with me. 

All the sudden I had a boyfriend, but it wasn’t anything I had ever experienced before. He needed to hangout with me all the time, but wanted to keep his distance from me once we were together. 


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