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BC Ball Takes the W for Final Home Game

After Syracuse University’s previous win over BC (81-63) on January 24th, New England ‘Cuse fans seemed to gain much more confidence this time around. Swarms of orange and navy blue overpowered the bleachers of Conte Forum. Nevertheless, Eagles fans came out to support the Men’s Basketball team in their final home game of the season.

Only two minutes into the first quarter, Bowman passed to Mitchell, who dunked and scored the first points of the game. The entire court-side student section jumped up in excitement. With bitter Syracuse fans hissing in the back, spectators sat close to the edges of their seats—ready to aid the ref’s decision in calling a foul.

One of the most exciting moments of the game was not by an NCAA player. During the two-minute break after the first quarter, BC hosted a mini-game for the chance to win gear. A male BC student successfully glided through the course of making a lay-up, free-throw, three-pointer, and mid-court shot all in one try. Obviously, this game destined greatness for BC students on and off the team.

The score cut close throughout the game, but BC eventually managed to obtain a decent-sized advantage, which did not make Syracuse fans happy. Eagles were fed up with one Syracuse fan, who shouted, “Let the kids play!” towards the refs. A BC student turned around and responded, “Syracuse is top 40, BC is top 22. They’re not gonna be unemployed next year, what about you?”

Maybe people were taking the game too personally, or maybe BC students were excited about the promising future of BC Ball and refused to let someone destroy their glee. Either way, the team ended the home season strong with a win 85-70. The official season is not over, however, and the team has one more ACC game versus the Florida State Seminoles on March 3rd. They are also scheduled to play at the Barclay’s Center this Spring Break, so fans who will be in the New York City area should keep an eye out for tickets.





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