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Bad Gals: Sing it, Sister

I rolled out of bed, felt around in the dark for my slippers, and trudged toward the kitchen to brew my beloved Dunkin’s.  Ah yes, it was 7:45 on a Tuesday morning.  Awesome.
Ten minutes later, I emerged from Edmonds.  Coffee in hand, coat buttoned up to my chin, and sunglasses already on, I sighed as I began my trek to McGuinn.  But then I remembered that I left my iPod in my pocket last night.  As I reached for my headphones, I felt slightly less miserable.  Scrolling through my library of artists, I finally settled on Kate Nash.  I sighed as I thought, “Sing it, sister.”
I have always loved discovering new artists and exploring new musical genres.  But no matter what type of song I am listening to, or who created it, I most enjoy the myriad ways music can make me feel.  I can quickly assemble a playlist based on my mood or my company, and there is nothing finer than crafting an awesome mix CD for a friend.
Sometimes though, I just want to hear another woman put to music what I can’t even express.  In times of need, I turn to some of the following kick-ass ladies to start my day off right, lend me a shoulder to cry on, or cause me to dance and jump around my dorm room.
Kate Nash

Kate Nash’s personal, witty lyrics have always struck a chord with me.  From heart-wrenching ballads about unrequited love (“Nicest Thing”) to scathing write-offs dedicated to jerks (“D******d”), from tales of good relationships gone bad (“Foundations,” “Merry Happy”) to tales of lessons learned (“Later On,” “Navy Taxi”), Kate’s writing perfectly captures the emotions she is feeling and that are all too familiar to the average collegiette™.
Regina Spektor

Regina is a classically trained musician with a broad vocal range and an eclectic sound.  Some personal favorites include “Eet” – a quiet song with a beautiful melody that will surely tug at your heartstrings, “Us” – a frenetic, pulsating song that will have you wailing along with Regina, and “Dance Anthem of the 80’s” – a song that boasts a fun, carefree vibe perfect for your strut across O’Neill Plaza.

Adele is a soulful singer with an unbelievable voice.  Her first album, “19,” earned her the Grammy for Best New Artist.  She recently released “21,” which has had great success off the bluesy, angsty single “Rolling in the Deep.”  Both albums are autobiographical in nature and document two of Adele’s relationships in her late teens and early twenties.  “Turning Tables,” “Cold Shoulder,” “Hometown Glory,” “Someone Like You,” and the Bob Dylan cover “Make You Feel My Love” will surely make you an Adele devotee.
Tegan and Sara

Twin sisters Tegan and Sara began touring right after high school in the late ’90s and never looked back.  Both play guitar and keyboard and write songs, which have folk, rock, pop and dance influences.  Check out “Alligator,” “Hell,” “Walking With a Ghost,” “Speak Slow,” and their song with Tiesto, “Feel It In My Bones.”

Swedish dance-pop phenom Robyn has been churning out amazing songs for years on her label Konichiwa Records.  But her most recent effort, three-part compilation album “Body Talk,” has been hailed by critics as her finest yet.  A personal hero of mine, Robyn’s songs tell great stories over amazing beats.  Next time you head to the Plex or need a pick-me-up on the Comm Ave bus, turn on “Time Machine,” “Handle Me,” “Be Mine!,” “Hang With Me,” or “Dancing On My Own.”
Katy B

This English newcomer to the dance/electro scene stole my heart with her airy vocals and dub-step laced jams “Katy on a Mission” and “Louder.”  I love listening to Katy B while I get ready for a night out, even if I’m only heading to the Mods.

What about you, readers?  Are there any ladies not on the list that are on your iPod’s rotation?
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