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After Monday’s episode of the Bachelor, there are only two girls left in the running to move to a 500 person town in the middle of Iowa where they know no one and there is nothing to do! Of these two girls, one seems much more on board with this depressing future than the other. So as viewers begin to connect the dots of who will be Mrs. Chris Soules, the gossip shifts to the now more pressing matter of who will be the next bachelorette. Here are the girls least and most likely to have this honor, in my humble opinion.

JadeThe Wildcard

Throughout the season, Jade was painted as a quiet, innocent young woman. She was picked by Chris’s sisters to receive the “princess date” to promote the new live-action Cinderella movie, and she seemed fitting in her role. This all changed in week 8 when she revealed to Chris she had done a Playboy spread a few years prior. Suddenly mild mannered Jade became a much more engrossing character. Unfortunately, the conservative show will doubtfully offer Jade the role of the next Bachelorette, and instead stick to more “chaste” and “prudent” women, like previous bachelorette Emily Maynard.

AmberThe Minority Wildcard

The Bachelor has a dirty little not-so-secret. Namely, that the show is incredibly white-washed. Each season starts out with one or two black contestants, as well as a Latina contestant or an Asian contestant. (Though never a male Asian… huh.) However, most of the minority contestants have been eliminated long before the end of the season. I, presumably along with a majority of Americans, would like to see this reality change. (Note check out this humorous SNL skit about the topic, and other issues about The Bachelor!)

BrittThe Please God No, Please

Britt is beautiful, smart, and she knows what’s up. According to Carly, she slept in her makeup every night because she knows no Bachelor season is complete without the bachelor catching the girls off guard in the morning to witness them sans-makeup. But beyond this, Britt seems to be alarmingly apathetic to the other girls’ feelings, often being overly affectionate with Chris in front of them. (Not that Chris is blameless.) And while I missed her spat with Carly during week 7, I am automatically siding with Carly because she is hilarious. Unfortunately, I have heard rumors that Britt has a good shot at becoming the next bachelorette, though nothing is confirmed.

CarlyMy One and Only

Carly is my personal favorite of the contenders. She has the biggest personality- without being batsh*t crazy like Ashley S. or Ashley I. Plus, as a cruise line singer, her career is slightly more ambitious than a waitress or sport fish enthusiast (yes- that was a real “job” this season), yet not threatening enough to intimidate the men this show seems to attract. Yet despite all this, she most likely isn’t the top contender because of the poor girl’s eyebrows. Don’t get me wrong- Carly is gorgeous, but The Bachelor tends to use very narrow beauty standard for its bachelors and bachelorettes.

KaitlynThe Realistic Choice

After Kaitlyn’s unexpected dismissal this week, this girl is the frontrunner for the next bachelorette. She’s fun loving and outgoing, but also a real diplomat, as was evident by her drama free breakup with Chris. (Though the girl’s facial expressions were more than fabulous throughout the incident.) She’s classically beautiful with impeccable style, and as a dance instructor, even her job is a little sexy.

I certainly won’t be disappointed if my prediction that Kaitlyn will be the next bachelorette is true. She seems nice enough, and she’s right up The Bachelor’s alley. However, my heart still belongs to Carly.

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