That Awkward Moment When...


Let’s be honest, we’ve all had awkward moments that make us want to crawl into a hole and disappear for years on end.  If we are going to be really honest then we’d have to admit that this happens on a daily basis, at least it does for me.  Here is a list of some of the most awkward moments to show that it really does happen to the best of us.

That awkward moment when….

A couple sits directly across from you in the rat and breaks up.

You walk into the wrong classroom and sit down after classes have been in session for 2 months

You have to walk of shame after a themed party

You walk into the men’s bathroom and inform the guy that he’s in the wrong bathroom but then spot the urinal and realize your mistake

You wait in line to checkout at the dining hall only to realize you just got hot water

You say hi to someone you’ve never met before

You walk up in a funny way to someone you think is your friend but then realize it’s their campus twin

You wear your yoga pants backwards for an entire day

Someone says hi to who you think is you but really it’s the person behind you

You push reply all by accident

You think of something hilarious in class and can’t stop laughing

You open a door for someone who is pretty far away

You say goodbye to someone you kind of know and they’re going in the same direction as you

You’re looking for a table in Hillside

Weird bodily functions that you’re not sure other people can hear

Someone’s coughing and you don’t know what to say

You go up to the wrong person you’re supposed to be meeting for a group project

You see the roommate of the guy you’ve been hooking up with and you’re not sure if you should say hi

You officially meet someone but you both know you knew each other before that but refuse to admit it.

You see the same person every day since freshman year but have never said hi to him/her

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