Autumnal Cravings: Foods to Keep Warm Even When It’s Brisk Outside

It’s happening. Let’s admit it together. The leaves are changing color and falling from their branches. It’s no longer warm enough to wear a tank top and shorts to class. BC gals are breaking out their boots and J.Crew jackets. It’s no longer comfortable to sit outside of Hillside and drink an iced coffee; personally, I have already made the switch to hot coffee. SOS.

While brisk breezes and vibrant leaves signify the depressing end of summer, they also mean something else; fall fare! Bring on the pumpkin, squash, soup, pie, brussel sprouts, pomegranates, and cider. Autumn means that it’s time for comfort food; the things that keep us full and warm throughout the day. Here’s a list of some of the most delectable fall dishes that we found from the Internet’s best food blogs. Get cooking, BC!

Smoked Gruyere butternut squash soup with spicy chickpeas because there is a God.

Beautiful gluten-free pumpkin pancakes because what better way is there to start your day?

Pumpkin spice popcorn for scary movie night with my imaginary boyfriend. We’ll have a great time!

Fall-toush salad because salad with roast vegetables and baked pita chips can’t be wrong.

Parsnip puree for a healthy alternative to mashed potatoes. Don’t worry, they’re not too healthy, they contain heavy cream and butter because that’s what God would want.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookie bars to balance out that “healthy” parsnip puree.

Raw mini apple pies because these are actually so healthy and cute and autumnal and vegan.

Hazelnut crunch pumpkin cake with brown butter cream cheese frosting for that roommate whose birthday is coming up. Or just because you deserve it.

Last but certainly not least, ginger bourbon cider (admittedly not a food) to really warm our souls.


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