An Asian American Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it’s a break from my imminent academic doom but it’s also a chance to forget about the world for a few days to spend with my family and friends. Another wonderful thing about Thanksgiving is the huge amount of food that we get to share with the people we love! There’s turkey, mashed potatoes… and hot pot? Let’s face it; Thanksgiving is more delicious with different kinds of food. Good thing an Asian American Thanksgiving has got that covered. These are some other lovely qualities of typical Asian American Thanksgivings.

1. Seeing more chopsticks at the table than spoons or forks

2. Ramen!

3. And there’s sushi too, sometimes.

4. Okay, what’s a family meal without a second serving of ramen?

5. Hot pot. ‘Nuff said.

6. Turkey because it’s still an American thanksgiving!

7. Karaoke. Lots and lots of karaoke.

8. And also the car karaoke on the way to the feast that’s full of throwbacks and K-pop.

What’s Thanksgiving with your family like? However it is, have fun and eat happily!