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Arguably the Most Popular Girl at BC… Who is She?

Everyone knows who she is.  I mean, I must have heard her name around campus at least 20 times this weekend.  Her reputation has been around for a while, too.  Love her or hate it, as a BC student you are most likely bound to run into her at some point.  Some flock to her while others have had bad experiences with her and avoid her at all costs.  If you haven’t yet had your experience with this “campus celeb” yet, here are some quotes about her to prepare you for your first encounter.  And if you have, well maybe you can attest to what we have to say.
When asking BC kids what they think or what comes to mind when they think of this campus celeb, these are some reactions that I got:
-“Looks aren’t everything.  It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”
-“She might not be the prettiest girl in school, but she’s definitely the most popular.  People want to hang out with her allllllll the time.”
-“Definitely worth the wait. Since freshman year I’ve heard all about her and when I could finally meet her first hand, it was everything and more.”
-“She always keeps me waiting.”
-“She has no tolerance with fake people or those who are underage.  Don’t try to run any of your fake sh*t by her, she knows!”
-“Dirty and cheap. To be honest, she actually seems kinda shady.”
-“Is she really still around? Jeez, she was popular in my days…I can’t believe you guys are still hung up on her. Looking back, definitely ‘typical college’ but now eh, not so great.”
-“Dark, loud, and small.”
-“Some more sophisticated competition has definitely developed around her, yet people still go to her. She has a spell.”
-“Hung out on my 21st with her and since then I will never be the same. She kept them coming!”
So Her Campus readers, you still wondering who she is and if you’ve seen her around campus?  Want to be her friend or do you see her as a possible foe? Guys, would you date her or dump her?
Guaranteed you have all heard of this campus celebrity but she probably isn’t who you think it is.  This campus celebrity is not a person but the beloved BC bar, Mary Ann’s.
Hated by locals but loved by BC students, I am sure many of you have heard of, passed, waited in line, or spent many nights in this Brighton “beauty,” but have any of you ever wondered, “Who is Mary Ann?”  I mean the bar must be named after somebody.  Is it possible that she has a reputation similar to the bar? 
My mom is a BC alumni and remembers her nights at Mary Ann’s.  Not that I want to know what my mom did in college, but I do think it is interesting to think about how one bar has been a staple through generations of BC students.  Has her reputation always been the same?  Sure they may play Rihanna instead of Cyndi Lauper and beers may be a bit more (yet still cheap), but MA’s is still a beloved BC bar that lures everyone in to create memories within her hallowed brick walls.
So really though, who is Mary Ann? 
The answer is simple enough.  When the building came under new ownership in 1972, the owner opened a bar and named it after his wife, Mary Ann.  Sure, this is a sweet sign of affection, but I can’t help but wonder what the original Mary Ann would think of the bar that is under her name these days.
Since 1972, the name has stayed, the lure has grown, and the building still stands.  BC students still flock to the bar and countless stories, tall tales, and feats are attached to the name that only adds to the allure of “Mary Ann.”
So its up to you readers: you can follow your own story and create a façade of who “MA” is, or you can stick to the simple facts.  Either way, I am sure you will go to see her during your time at BC.
Everyone probably knows Mary Ann in a different way because of his or her experiences, but no matter what you have to say, good or bad, Mary Ann’s is here to stay and has a reputation that is hard to boot.  Mary Ann’s, there is just something about her.
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