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All the Essentials to Pack for Your Spring Break Vacay


For any of you lucky enough to spend spring break at the beach, consider me very jealous. I would do anything to relax in the sun for a few days. Celebrate the change of scenery by picking up a few fun pieces.

  • Bathing suit

    • There are so many new trends in bathing suits this season! A high neck halter or a one shoulder are fun alternatives to a simple triangle top. A high cut bottom or lace up sides will make you stand out compared to everyone in a standard side-tie.

  • Coverups

    • Don’t let your coverup be an afterthought anymore. Bright sun dresses and maxi dresses are super easy to throw on and off and give off much more of a resort vibe then cut-off shorts and an oversized shirt.

  • Fun accessories (sun hat/tote bag)

    • A tote bag is a must for a trip to the beach and if you are fair-skinned, think about getting a big hat so you don’t end up with a burn.

Service Trip

Spring break for a lot of people means volunteering and working on community service projects. If you are headed on an Appa trip or one of the many other incredible trips, your clothes need to serve double duty: cute, yet practical.

  • Sneakers

    • You’re going to be standing pretty much all day, so if your sneakers are on their last breath think about getting a new pair.

  • Running shorts

    • Athletic clothing is a must on a service trip, and many places will be far too warm for long pants or heavy shirts.

  • Baseball hat

    • This one is definitely more of a necessity. Keep the sun off your face and hide the fact that showers are in limited supply by pulling on a baseball hat.


What better excuse to up your wardrobe than traveling to one of the most fashion-focused areas of the world.

  • Skirts and dresses

    • Use this break from campus as a break from your go-to comfy clothes. Now, I’m the biggest fan of atheleisure by far (read about my love for leggings here), but every once in a while I love to shake it up and wear a skirt with a nice top or a dress with a cropped jacket.

  • Comfy Flats

    • What about all that walking you’ll be doing as you wander around on your week long adventure? I suggest pairing a trendy sneaker, (might I suggest the rose gold Adidas?) with a casual dress or a simple skirt. Not only will you not be in pain the entire time, but you definitely won’t stand out as a tourist.

Her Campus BC wishes you a fabulous and relaxing spring break wherever your travels may take you!

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Taylor is a Junior at Boston College, majoring in Economics and minoring in English. When not writing articles for Her Campus BC, she can be found at BCMUN meetings, volunteering in the Admissions office, or taking classes at the Plex.
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