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Agape Latte featuring Chris O’Donnell

This past Thursday, students gathered in Robsham Theater to hear Chris O’Donnell, acclaimed actor and Boston College Alum, deliver a talk regarding his career, faith, and family. 

At the start of his talk for Agape Latte, Chris discussed his acting career and how he got into the business, starting when he was fourteen. He spoke of the first movie he filmed, and how he balanced his career as an actor with his academic pursuits. Chris then went back to his time here at BC, where he lived in Duchesne as a freshman and then in Walsh as a sophomore. He even told a story of the time when Barbara Streisand called his room to apologize for him not being able to play the role of her son in an upcoming film. Chris laughed about how during his sophomore year, at the release of his latest movie, a small group of adults were present, but the rest of the theater was filled with the entirety of Walsh, supporting him. 

While Chris emphasized the importance of his career and his time at BC, he really honed in on the concept of family and faith. Growing up as the youngest, he discussed his relationships with his older siblings and the tight-knit bonds that they had. He spoke about his parents as well, and how they always encouraged him, something that he appreciated and often thought back on as he encountered periods of difficulty in his career. 

Hearing Chris speak was such a unique and eye-opening experience, not only because he is a BC Alum, but also because he was so open and humble about his life and his career. He didn’t shy away from discussing the difficulties of Hollywood and the pressure he endures, and in mentioning this, he was able to really show how important the relationships we have are in shaping our personalities and our lives. Overall, it was a wonderful talk and I’m sure everyone who went came away feeling fortunate that they got the opportunity to hear and see Chris in person.

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