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ABCs of BC

As my freshman year is coming to an end, I decided to bring back my childhood years with the ABCs of Boston College!

A- Alumni Stadium

Alumni Stadium is home to the BC football team and many happy memories for BC students.

B- Beanpot

Making the trek into Boston to the Garden is worth it to taunt BU and see the Eagles play against our rival Boston hockey teams.

C- Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill is the beautiful neighborhood that we are lucky to call home.

D- Dance Teams

From Sexual Chocolate to the Irish Dance Team, BC has a lot to offer in terms of dance.

E- Eagles

As soon as a student enrolls at BC they become an Eagle. Shoutout to Baldwin for being everyones favorite Eagle.

F- For Boston

For Boston, for Boston we sing our proud refrain

G- Gasson

Oh Gasson. As our most photogenic building on campus, it only seems right that you get a special shout out. #GassonGram

H- Heartbreak Hill

Located at Mile 21, the top of Heartbreak Hill, BC is positioned in a prime spot for viewing the Boston Marathon.

I- St Ignatius

From the Parish of St. Ignatius to the St. Ignatius statue we have on campus, it becomes clear that Iggy has had a huge influence on this university.

J- Jesuit

As a Catholic Jesuit university, BC promotes the education of the whole person.

K- Kerry Cronin

Campus Celeb Professor Cronin has taught us all a thing or two about dating and love.

L- Linden Lane

First we walk down Linden Lane with our class in the beginning of our Freshman year at Convocation. Then again, four years later, we walk with our class to Graduation.

M- Million Dollar Stairs

Our favorite stairs to photograph and our least favorite stairs to use.

N- Newton

Our notorious satellite freshman campus has caused one of the deepest rivalries at BC: Team Newton vs. Team Upper.

O- ONeill vs Bapst

The second deepest rivalry at BC is the one between the students who study in the relaxed atmosphere of ONeill and those who prefer the Hogwarts theme of Bapst.

P- Plex

There is a special place in all of our hearts for our lovely Rec Plex, home to the sweatiest gym.

Q- QB Doug Flutie

We have two statues at BC. One of St Ignatius, founder of the Jesuits, who had great influence on the mission of this school. The other is of Doug Flutie, our football hero.

R- Reservoir

The Res is a classic place for BC students to run, walk, and anything in between.

S- Shea Field

Every football season, BC students spend their time before and after the game on Shea Field tailgating.

T- The Mods

This coveted senior housing is located in the middle of Lower Campus and is the hub of the campus social scene.


The most outdated course selection software in the country is a staple for academics here at BC.

V- Volunteer Groups

To be accepted into a volunteer group on campus is almost more competitive than gaining admission to the school itself.

W- Walsh

Walsh is a key residential building for sophomores who proudly declare Walsh as the party dorm.

X- Xavier

Xavier is just one of the many dorms on Upper Campus home to sixty percent of the freshman class.

Y- York

Coach Jerry York has led the BC hockey team to over 1,000 throughout his career.

Z- Zero chance of wanting to be anywhere else

Boston College is a great school filled with 26 plus notable aspects.




























Alana is a Senior at Boston College studying Math and Economics. She spent a semester studying in London and traveling throughout Europe. A movie, music, and milk chocolate enthusiast she spends her time quoting Leslie Knope, tagging her friends in puppy instagrams, and taking pictures of her food.
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