9 Thoughts We All Have On The Way To Class

The daily movement from your dorm to your first class always seems like more effort than it should be. Right as you step outside, the weather is different than you expected, but it’s too late to go back and get a sweater. You’re rushing to be on time, and you lose a shoe. The line at Hillside is A LOT longer than it is normally. You end up walking next to every person you don’t want to talk to at this point in time. With all these things happening, you’re bound to have one of these following thoughts:

I’m late already?


Maybe I should take the stairs today…


It’s always nice to start the morning with a bit of cardio!

Did I leave my textbook in the room?


You’ll just look on with my friend; it shouldn’t be a problem.

*Gasping For Air* Why did I take the stairs?


Of course, this is the point where everybody you know sees you and tries to talk to you.

Did my friend just give me the BC Look-Away?


You don’t care if you were going to do the exact same thing to them; it’s still not nice!

Whatever, I’ll do it right back to them!


That’ll show them!

What was the reading for today again?


Ooh, who’s that walking towards me?


That person must be new; you’ve never seen them on this route before.

Yes, I’m on time!


It always counts as long as somebody else comes in after you.

Once you’re safe and sound in the classroom, you can finally relax. The exhausting journey to class has been completed. If these are your thoughts then, just imagine what you’ll be thinking while you’re actually in the room!