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9 Things You Should Definitely Know About BC Men’s Club Water Polo

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

How much do you really know about the talented men of club water polo?  Did you even know we had a club water polo team?   Not to worry, everything you need to know is here.  Most importantly, these hardworking guys are heading to nationals and need our help!  Keep reading to find out the juicy details about these athletes (and to see how you can support them this season!)

1.     The Team Motto is “Stay Handsome.”

Just thought it was important to note that up front.

2.     They are actually really accomplished.  

In fact, these boys just qualified for nationals for the first time in nine years.  They are undefeated this season 11-0 (Go, BC!) and are heading to Salt Lake City, Utah to take on teams from around the country in just a week!  Under the leadership of Captains Nick Henze, Caleb Bower, Charlie Manclark and Bennett Cooper, they are now ranked fourth in the nation.


3.     The team is way bigger than you thought.

How big, you ask?  Well, there are over thirty guys on the roster!  These guys bring years of water polo experience to the club team here at BC.   If you didn’t know who all these swimmers were before, you will now.

4.     They work really hard. 

The team doesn’t have a pool apart from the Plex (which is too shallow to accommodate   matches), so they have to make do with a less than ideal practice space.  They even take the T to BU once a week just to rent their pool space. They don’t get extensive funding because they are a club team, so they have to work hard to fundraise (particularly for their trip to nationals—click here to find out how you can donate!)  These guys work tirelessly to be able to compete well at a sport they are passionate about—show some support!         

5.     Water Polo could easily be your new favorite sport to watch.  Here’s why (Read: “dudes in speedos”):

  • Nick Henze: “It is a fast paced game with lots of action and scoring. It’s like hockey or   soccer, but incredibly unique in terms of how the ball is moved and games are short, so it is hard to lose interest. You get to see hot dudes in speedos on deck.”
  • Bennett Cooper: “The dudes in speedos, obviously. Also, the game is fast-paced and    aggressive, somewhat like hockey in the water (very physical, sometimes fights, quick movement up and down the pool).” 
  • Charlie Manclark: “A major perk is that you get to watch a bunch of good looking dudes getting in and out of the pool in nothing but a speedo. Also, the intensity is just insane for someone who’s never watched before.  It’s a very dirty and aggressive game with a lot punches thrown and more that goes on under the water.”     

6.     They have the best stories from the road.

From the worst hotel room in Vermont, to career-making games played with a bad case of pink eye, these down-to-earth guys know how to rough it, and aren’t afraid to laugh about the obstacles they face along the way.

7.      They are single.

When asked if there were a lot of single guys on the team, everyone was quick to jump in with some helpful information.  Charlie Manclark promises, “A lot of us are single and if you come out and support our team you never know what might happen next….”.

Bennett Cooper noted, “Nick Henze. He’s a captain of both Water Polo and Swimming, he’s from California, and he has the best abs on the team. It’s my personal goal to find a nice girl for Nick.” Charlie reminded me, “The only thing you need to know is that we’re auctioning off a date with our own Nick Henze to support our trip to Utah.” 

Again, that link to donate is here.  You’re welcome.

8.     They are more than just a team—they are a family.

Nick Henze describes the team bus driver, Chet: “ Our team bus driver is, a 50- something year old man named Chet, with a huge beard and pot belly. He gets paid to dress up as Santa around Christmastime. Chet is kind of like a father figure to us. He wears a “BC Dad” shirt to all our games even though he doesn’t have children at BC.” 

If you’re not “Aww-ing” by now, you should be.  

9.     They should probably be the next Warwick Rowing calendar.

I’ll let you judge that one for yourself.  Check out the pics below!

To find out more about how to donate to the Men’s Club Water Polo team, click here


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Alex Krowiak/ Gavel Media 

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