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8 Most Common Spring Break Faux Pas

Whether you went on a trip with your family, friends, or stayed at home, we can all agree on the questionable posts and people we inevitably saw this spring break. See which ones relate most with your break experience!

1. Obnoxious Flexing

 Because if you’re a boy and don’t pick your shoulder up to your ears, do you even lift?

2.10-minute-long Snap Stories

 By the third selfie of you and that random girl, who is now your “best friend”, you should probably just log out of Snapchat.

3. Sunburn

Although your sunglasses may be stylish, having their outline imprinted on your face may not be the best look.

4. Going Nude At The Very Public Beach

 In the words of my mother after passing a group of girls who decided to shed some layers, “Good lord”.

5. Forcing Family Members To Be Your Poolside Photographers

 A tad awkward when a mom comments “photo creds” on her daughter’s solo bikini pic.

6. Gaining Back All The Weight You Lost Two Fold

 Who knew one week could do so much damage?

7. Running Into Classmates

Whether it be at the airport, hotel, or even on the street, they are everywhere.

8. Missing Your Flight

 No one ever wants to be that person running through the airport.

Spring Break forever!












Hi! I'm Shannon Brink and I'm currently a freshman at BC. I'm from a small town in New Jersey, and I love being outdoors and traveling with friends and family. I'm the youngest of three, and living in a male dominated house where football typically takes over the dinner conversation, it's refreshing to have an outlet to talk about things that genuinely interest me and are relevant to my life as a clueless freshman trying to learn the ropes of college.
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