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7 Tailgate Ts to Rock this Football Season

It’s tailgate season! Time for parking lot burgers and hot dogs, touch football, and every girl’s favorite, tailgate Ts!  Here are 7 inspirations for your own tailgate Ts this season.

1. The T-Shirt Dress

Cute and simple, this design matches well with a hair bow and tennis shoes.  Just grab an XL T and get cutting!

2. The Halter Top​

Cute and sexy, you can alter this design in so many ways.  Braid the back. Make three ties.  Make one!  Look at some ideas on Pinterest and go make your own!

3. The Tube Top

This is one of my personal faves.  This newer trend lends itself to the ’90s in the best and most stylish way!

4. The Cinched Back

One of the easier designs to make on your own, you can come up with lots of unique designs for the back of your shirt that everyone will envy!

5. The Choker V Neck

One of the more popular designs recently, this look is trendy and guaranteed to keep your friends wishing they had your style!

6. The Cropped Top

Probably the easiest of the tailgate Ts.  Just cut off the bottom, roll the sleeves, and watch the compliments roll in on your impressive style.

7. Swing Top

Easy and comfortable, this design is perfect for the hyped sports fan still looking to rock a chic outfit!

Find a Pinterest tutorial and get cutting!





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