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7 Simple Ways to Wear A Black Blazer

Some call it a staple item while some call it a game changer, and others label it as an investment piece. What fashion piece am I talking about? That would be the black blazer. Since 9th grade, I have always kept a black blazer in my closet and over time I have valued it more and more because I recognize the versatility of this garment. Of course I can wear it for a job interview, but I have also learned that it can be tossed over a simple white tee or used to dress up a classy and flirty dress. I therefore encourage all of you to embrace the black blazer, which I hope by college many of you ladies have. But if the black blazer is not in your possession because you have only had a limited view of it, I think after this article your fashion focus will be expanded and it will be the next item you purchase!

1. Glam

A black blazer does not make your “night-out” outfit more masculine. In fact, I believe if you throw on a slim-fitting, black blazer over either a simple look or a sparkly dress (like Sandra) with black heels and great jewelry, you can really enhance your look.

2. Distressed or Rocker

So Jackie O probably would roll over in her grave if she heard this, but I think a black blazer paired with a simple and loose t-shirt as well as distressed jeans and some killer biker boots is quite the look. I really like the contrast between the structured black blazer and the dissheveled tee and jeans. You’re sending the message that I can put myself together, but part of me also still wants to be laid back and not care too much. If you want to go for more of a rocker look, try leather bottoms!

3. Casual

Pairing a basic tee under a black blazer and putting on your favorite pair of dark wash or colored jeans is a guaranteed great outfit! Not only is this outfit foolproof for a shopping date with the girlfriends, brunch with the boyfriend or dinner with the grandparents, but it is also super easy to put together!

4. Boho

You may be wondering how a polished black blazer can fit into the easy, breezy boho lifestyle, but I think it is a great and easy way to work your black blazer especially in the summer months. We all have our favorite maxi dress so why not try throwing a black blazer over that dress with your favorite pair of sandals or wedges, low twist bun, a few long necklaces and natural makeup. BAM! You have an ethereal, bohemian look that can be worn day or night. Advice: When going for this look, I would suggest a short or cropped black blazer.

5. Professional

This is probably the original reason why you got a black blazer- for job interviews and presentations. No matter how many ways I have tested out the black blazer, I know that once I put on my “perfect-fit” blazer with sleek pants, a button down, black pumps and maybe a statement necklace (depending on who I am interviewing for), I am unstoppable! Just because you purchased a black blazer, however, does not guarantee that you will have a perfectly polished look; your blazer, as well as all aspects of your suit, must always be well tailored!

6. Stylish with Shorts

Yes, I went there and said that it is okay to wear a black blazer with shorts! It can be a polished look or a distressed look, depending on what you are feeling. Also, if you have some colored trouser shorts, a blazer is a great way to off set the brightness of your bottom half. Always make sure your blazer to short ratio makes sense!

7. Flirty

If you have a dress that you love or a skirt you can’t get rid of yet or don’t know how to spice up, a black blazer is a great option. You can even pair a belt with this look if it fits the outfit. This is a great date night option that shows you are fun and fabulous, but know to how to put a polished look together.

Of course there are many other ways to wear your black blazer, but I think you have some great inspiration here. I have gone from rolling my eyes as a 14 year old when my mom told me to get a classic black blazer, to a girl who has a cropped, long, sleek, leather trimmed and classy black blazer as well as colored ones lining her closet. Whether you go for an edgy or elegant look, the black blazer will never let you down!


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