The 6 Stages of Grief: All of my Roommates are Going Abroad

* Inspired by true life events

1. Denial

During September, next semester seemed so far away, so you didn't think this time would come. You still don’t think this time will come. You are still pretty sure this time will never come.  Despite the constant reminders, you include all of your abroad friends in every plan for next semester.

2. Passive Aggressive Guilt

You start to say things about how great America is and ask why anyone would want to leave. There are a lot of FOMOisms about how much your friends are going to miss while away. Marathon Monday festivities are discussed a lot during this stage.

3. Millennial Meltdown

Do they have a phone plan? What’s their Skype username? Does Snapchat work in Spain? The ultimate fear: your friends having so much fun they’ll forget to talk to you. This stage can be likened to the “crazy girlfriend” phenomena.

4. “Last Time”

You use phrases like “This is the last time we’ll ever eat in Lower together… until September,” or “This is the last time this group of friends will all be together in this mod… until September.” Every situation becomes a highly specific “last chance… until September” scenario. All of your dramatic tendencies are channeled in this stage.

5. Crunch Time

In the midst of finals week, you’ll try to spend time with your friends while simultaneously trying not to fail every class. You feel like time is running out and you didn’t get to spend enough time with them. You make last minute elaborate plans to make sure you’ve said goodbye the “right way.” It’s incredibly stressful.

6. Letting Go

It goes without saying; this stage is by far the hardest one to overcome. You know they’re going to have an amazing time abroad, even if you can’t go with them. You don’t fit in their suitcase - you already checked. The best friends are the easiest hello and the hardest goodbye. Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” plays on repeat.

Safe travels to all those going abroad! But don’t forget where you came from.