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5 TV Shows to Catch up on over Spring Break

Spring Break at has begun! Still reeling from midterm exams, group projects, late nights spent in O’Neil, and looking to relax with some good old TV? Look no further than our guide of 5 TV shows sure to leave you laughing.


1. Friends



First off, Friends. You could never go wrong with this classic 90s sitcom. Leave your worries behind in this show that aired before the stress of technology took over our lives. Friends has a multitude of episodes where the gang hits a vacation destination. Be sure to check these ones out if you are homebound and wishing you were away: “The One in Barbados” (Part 1 and Part 2), “The One in London” (Part 1 and Part 2), “The One in Vegas” (Part 1 and Part 2), and “The One at the Beach”.


2.  Parks and Recreation



Catch up with Leslie Knope and the parks department of Pawnee. If you are feeling down after midterms, Knope will be sure to cheer you up! If you need that boost check out these episodes: “Flu Season”, “Greg Pikitis”, “The Trial of Leslie Knope”, and “Halloween Surprise”.


3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine



Out of this list, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the only run currently on-air. This means there are new episodes currently airing on NBC, so it is time to truly catch-up on this show that was recently picked up for a season seven. The standout of the season is “He Said, She Said”. This episode handles a #MeToo related case. Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) truly stands out in this episode, while Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) lets her take center stage in this sexual harassment case. Brooklyn Nine-Nine does an excellent job of balancing humor and the seriousness of the topic.


4. The Office



You could never go wrong with The Office. The silly office high jinks will leave you forgetting about your recent disaster of a group project. Just imagine if Michael Scott was in your group! Check out these early episodes highlighting Jim and Pam to ease your worries: “Christmas Party”, “Booze Cruise”, and “Casino Night”.


5. Jonas/Jonas L.A.



This show may not seem like it fits the list, but following the very exciting news of the Jonas Brothers reuniting it does! Spring break is the perfect time to re-watch this classic Disney Channel show, while celebrating the reunion of everyone’s favorite late 2000s boy band. There were only 34 episodes, so I recommend checking them all out!









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