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5 Tips for Marathon Monday

The day we have all been waiting for is coming so soon! Marathon Monday for a Boston College Student is like Christmas in April. While the marathon passes right in front of campus, the whole campus is awake very early. Here are some tips so you can make it throughout the whole day!

1. Go to the dining hall the night before

A classic mistake. All dining halls are not open until around 7. I guarantee you will be up before then, and you won’t be able to get any food or drinks. I highly recommend you go to the dining hall the night before to get whatever you need!



Also a classic mistake. You will be getting up so early in the morning that you probably will not want to eat. Even though you may not want to, please try to eat something. Even if it is a power bar, it’s better than nothing. It will most likely be the only thing you eat that day, so try to get a solid breakfast in.

3. Use sunscreen and bring sunglasses

Currently, the forecast predicts warm weather. Use sunscreen to protect your skin, and bring sunglasses, preferably cheaper ones in case you do lose them (you’ll thank me later).


4. Bring money!

In the likely event that you get hungry, bring a small amount of money with you! If you cross Commonwealth Ave. you won't be able to cross back until around 4 pm. You will probably be craving a slice of Pinos around 2 p.m., so put $5-10 in your pocket for later.


5. Figure out the night before if you want to cross Comm Ave

So this is always the big question; to cross Comm Ave or to not cross Comm Ave. Whatever you decide, make sure you and your friends are on the same page about it. You don’t want to be fighting at 5 am about whether you guys should cross Comm Ave or not, trust me it’s not fun. Figure it out the night before so that way you can have a great day together.


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