5 Throwback Clothing Trends You Should Be Wearing this Spring

Try to hold onto your favorite clothing items, even if it feels like it will never be cool to wear them again. Trends seem to come back in just as quickly as they disappear, and all of a sudden something identical to your old favorite shirt from a decade ago is being sold in Urban Outfitters. Here are 5 throwback trends that you should definitely be wearing this spring if you aren’t already.

Denim Jackets

The ultimate any weather, any day of the week staple.


Big hoop earrings

Works well with whatever, from sweats to a going out look.


Doc Martens

Looks great with pants or with skirts and dresses.



Always in style for in the workplace, only sometimes in style for casual wear. 


Plaid Skirts

Not just for Catholic prep school kids or girls going to “athletes and math-letes” parties. Look to Rachel Green for inspo.

Bonus Trend: Fanny Packs! Get over the bad stereotype and just try it.

These trends are so popular right now that you might have even forgotten that some of these are throwbacks!