5 Things a Senior Suggests to Every Freshman

As cliche as it sounds, those four years of college really do fly by. As my senior year begins, I'm amazed as at how quickly the past three years have gone by while at the same time looking back at my first day of college as a lifetime ago. I have grown so much during my time at Boston College, and while I still have a year left, I wish I had four more years. So for the freshmen, sophomores, and even juniors out there, here are some suggestions to make the most of your college experience. 


1. Sign up for everything

You don't have to go to everything you sign up for, but add your email to the email list for anything that catches your interest at the Student Involvement Fair, or tag along with your roommate to her first club meeting if it interests you. Speaking as someone who was nervous to meet new people, this is the perfect way to find people with similar interests as well as introducing you to older students who can help you navigate college life.


2. Engage in your classes

Yes, it's terrifying to participate in a new class at a new school where everything and everyone are unfamiliar. But, you only get so many college classes in your four years, so make the most of them. Ask the questions that are on your mind; bring up the really good point you're too nervous to voice out loud; disagree with someone's opinion on the reading. Engaging in class can make the discussion and your time in that class much more enjoyable and educational. I am naturally shy and I never thought I'd give this advice, but it really does make a difference and it also boosts confidence. 


3. Go to sponsored events

BC puts on a lot of really cool events, has amazing speakers, and has an overall great amount of activities to enjoy. It may not seem super "cool" at first to go to a speaking event when all of your friends are planning on going out, but I guarantee it is worth it if it is something that really interests you. I have not taken advantage of this enough and it is something I am trying to remedy. It is only now as I realize what limited time I have to appreciate it that I am trying to engage in BC events more. CAB also puts on random and fun events that are worth checking out, even for a little bit, just to see if you want to stay longer. So take advantage of everything.


4. Go to games

Go to games.... and not just football games. Show school spirit while you're still in school. Enjoy the crowds and participate as they cheer and boo and roar with elation or despair. There is something really special about being a part of the student body as your peers bring home a win. Check out the Beanpot in Boston as BC hockey goes up against other Boston schools and rival sections cheer and jeer at one another. Go to a volleyball game to see a different side of BC sports. Just go to the games; they're a great time.


5. Enjoy the little things

Going to dinner with friends in Mac, catching your breath as your reach that top step on the Million Dollar Stairs, walking through a beautiful campus every day on the way to your 9 am: these are all the little things that you won't know you'll miss until you are gone. We can get so caught up in the rigors of academia or the wild nights of the weekend that we forget all the special things about those little moments. These are the memories that will stick with you long after you've forgotten you're assigned reading or what Mod you partied in last night. 

You may have gotten to the end of this article and thought ' I already do these things' or 'Whatever, I've got plenty of time.' Even if you do (to both points), my main suggestion is that you appreciate the time you have at Boston College and take advantage of everything you think you'll miss and even those things you won't. Because before you know it, it'll be senior year and you wonder where the time has gone. As Andy from The Office said "I wish there was a way to know you're in the good ol' days before you actually left them."