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5 Simple Rules for Borrowing Clothes


It is inevitable that at some time or another, we will all borrow clothes from a friend.  Whether it is something as small as a scarf or as extreme as an entire outfit, there will come a time when your own wardrobe just isn’t cutting it, and anything seems better than wearing something from your own closet.  


Thankfully, being at college gives us such easy access to so many different closets as we have roommates, and even entire halls or dorms made up of solely girls.  But, sometimes this easy access may be all TOO easy, and we need to be more cautious of minding our P’s and Q’s when we feel so inclined to borrow something from a friend.


So, the following list has been created to act as a guideline for what you should do the next time that you just absolutely have to borrow that super cute blouse that you’ve been eyeing in your roommates’ closet.


1. Ask before you take something from someone else’s closet.  

Even if it’s your absolute best friend and you know that she will say yes, I can imagine she would be rather surprised when you show up to lunch sporting her new Tory Burch flats.  Technology, these days, gives you no excuse; just her a quick text to make sure it’s okay!


2. Be cautious of what item you are asking to borrow, especially if it is something that still has a price tag on it.  

Not many people are too eager to let someone wear something that they haven’t even had the chance to show off yet!  Also, stay away from those items that you know are a little pricey.


3. Be careful when wearing whatever item of clothing that you have borrowed.  

This rule is not only for the clothing owner’s sake, but also your own.  Nothing is more awkward than returning a shirt with a huge salad dressing stain on it or, even worse, a sweat stain!


3a. If you do just so happen to break rule number 3 and somehow damage the borrowed item, tell your friend right away!  Trying to get away with it never works out in the end.  (I speak from experience on this one!)


4. Always ask before you wash the item that you borrowed.

Some people are very picky about the ways in which their clothes are cleaned and would rather wash them themselves.  (If they do give you the OK for you to wash it, definitely make sure not to shrink anything!)


5. This one is very important: Do not, I repeat, do not “accidently” adopt whatever item of clothing into your wardrobe.  

Whoever you borrowed from WILL notice, and it will be very awkward three months later when the person sees his or her skirt in your drawer, or worse, crumpled at the bottom of your laundry basket under a pile of dirty clothes!


Keeping these rules in mind the next time that you peek into your friends’ closets will make borrowing clothes easier for you and the person who lent them to you.  Who knows?  It may even save some friendships.


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