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5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Now

People constantly say that traveling is one of the best experiences to take advantage of if you’re fortunate enough.  Often people think of this as traveling to Europe or Asia, but traveling is going anywhere you want to explore and learn about.  It can be time consuming, expensive, and tough to organize, but in the end I promise you it will be worth it.  There are a lot of things stopping us from traveling, but we need to just go for it and here’s why:

1. There will never be a perfect time.

All of our lives are so busy with school, clubs, and internships that there may never be a good time to travel.  So while our lives are still relatively uncomplicated by careers, spouses, and children, you may as well travel.

2. We’re still young.

At our age, people are much more likely to take risks, so we should just go now! We are also physically capable of enduring a long day of sightseeing and also a long night of fun. Since we are still young and energetic, we may as well travel.   

3. For the unknown.

The world has so much to offer that we are completely unaware of. Yes, we can look at pictures and listen to stories, but we can only really experience it by being a part of it. Travel to see the unknown beauty of the world, to taste the different foods, and to meet the strangers that live a completely different life from your own.

4. To learn about the world.

The world is made up of about seven billion people, 195 countries, and almost 7,000 languages and dialects. Going somewhere, anywhere, will get you to one more country, to meet one more person, and to listen to one more language that the world has to offer that you may not have known otherwise.

5. To find yourself and things you’re passionate about.

Traveling the world will help you find out exactly who you are. It will help define your passions, and help identify what kind of person you are in all different situations. Take the chance and go somewhere to help you help yourself. 

Often people think of traveling as going to Europe or Asia or somewhere exotic, but traveling is going anywhere you want to explore and learn about. Travel is a beautiful way to experience everything life has to offer, so go plan your next trip!


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