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5 Places to Escape the BC Bubble Around Campus


After days full of lecture classes, crowded lines in Eagles Nest, and gossip-filled dinners with friends, do you ever find yourself craving for some “me” time?  I know I do!  But without a car or any desire to leave campus, it may seem difficult to find any quiet sanctuary in this hustle and bustle environment.  You know… the one that we have come to know and love as the BC Bubble.  Don’t worry!  There actually are a few hidden gems around campus, where you can study by yourself, listen to music, relax and most desirably, escape the BC Bubble.

1. 5th Floor in O’Neill Library

Even though there are other students studying up here, it’s always super quiet!  Pick a desk next to the window and you can see the city of Boston on a nice, sunny day.  What better way to study than to have a city skyline right in front of your eyes?!

2. Eagle’s Nest at Night

During the day it may be busy with hungry college students, but at night it’s practically deserted.  Except for the few nights when groups book this cafeteria, this floor in Mac is not nearly as busy as the upper level.  So don’t be afraid to grab some food upstairs and enjoy a nice, peaceful dinner down on this floor.  I have seen some people casually eat their meal as they watch their favorite television show.  People even come just to play piano there!

3. The Hut at Noon

Alright I know this may count as too much of a trek for some people, but for students already living on Newton Campus, this is a great place to unwind.  For those of you who finish class early, head back to Newton, grab your yoga mat, and walk on over to The Hut.  I guarantee you there will be no one there.  No one!  You can play soothing music from your phone and Namaste away.

4. Pick a Spot at the Reservoir

Everyone loves running around the Reservoir, but what about picking a spot and just sitting there for a little while?  With Spring coming around the corner, it seems like the perfect way to escape your hectic life as a college student.  On a warm and clear-skied day, find a spot along the path and take in the surroundings.  Who knows?  Maybe it can turn into a weekly routine!

5. Panera at Newton Center

Okay okay I snuck this one in!  It’s cheating a little bit because this one requires you to leave campus.  But if you find yourself desperately needing to escape, Panera and even Newton Center in general, is a great place to spend an afternoon.  Panera has a room in the back where tables are set up for people who want to eat and do work.  So if you’re looking for a place to focus and study completely by yourself, then I would definitely suggest here!  You can even order one of their delicious salads or paninis while you’re there… yum.

So what are you waiting for? Go and try some of these places or discover your own secret spot!



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