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5 Healthy Pumpkin Desserts for the Holiday Season

Just because the Thanksgiving season has come and gone does not mean pumpkin-flavored anything has to go away with it. The holidays are just getting started and you know what that means—food, and lots of it. Often the weeks leading up to finals and all through break are detrimental to our healthy eating habits… but they don’t have to be! Here are five flourless, gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, egg-free, guilt-free pumpkin desserts you can bake for the rest of the fall, winter, and holiday seasons.

Paleo Marble Pumpkin Chocolate Bread

Find this recipe here from Living Healthy with Chocolate!

Instead of using eggs as listed in this recipe, substitute it for flax eggs! Flax eggs are simply 2 tablespoons of flaxseed and 6 tablespoons of water.

Healthy 3 Ingredient Pumpkin Cookies

Find this recipe here from The Big Man’s World!

Chocolate Pumpkin Fudge

Find this recipe here from Chocolate Covered Katie!

2 Minute Flourless Pumpkin Sticky Bun

Find this recipe here from Athletic Avocado!

You can easily replace the egg with a flax egg, as mentioned before!

Coconut Pumpkin Breakfast Bars

Find this recipe here from Athletic Avocado!


Now you can enjoy holiday comfort desserts without any guilt!












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