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5 Great Gift for Secret Santa with your Girlfriends

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BC chapter.

It’s officially Secret Santa season! Secret Santa is the perfect (and cheapest!) way to to a gift exchange with all your girlfriends that includes everyone and makes things interesting. Props to you if you haven’t figured out who has who by the time the exchange happens! If you missed the memo on Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping and still need to buy a Secret Santa gift for the gift swap with your girl squad, here are 5 easy and cute gift ideas that anyone in your group will love.


  1. Mermaid Tail Blanket — This gift perfectly straddles the line between fun and useful. It may seem kind of random, but everyone seems to be obsessed with mermaids right now, and who doesn’t want an extra blanket to lounge on the couch with during the cold months? Amazon sells these in lots of colors, too, so get it in your friend’s favorite color to make sure she loves it (as if she won’t already).


  1. Customized Tumbler or Glass — Nothing makes a girl feel special like something customized with her name on it. Plenty of Etsy shops sell tumblers, water bottles, drinking glasses, (and even shot glasses) that can be personalize with a name, nickname, or initials in whatever color you want on it. There’s no denying that this will get used and will be well-loved.



  1. A Lush Product — Everyone loves getting goodies from Lush around then holidays. Not only does Lush release a bunch of adorable holiday-specific and seasonal stuff, they also have amazing gift wrapping and packaging. They have a wide price range, so you can easily fit whatever budget you and your group have agreed upon and come through with a cute and useful gift. Lotions or bath bombs are both ideal for the winter!


  1. Holiday Scented Candle — There’s no better time to burn candles that in the wintertime. Everywhere from Bath and Body Works to Anthropologie are selling holiday candles at a wide range of prices with adorable packaging and yummy warm scents, like toasted vanilla, cinnamon, and Christmas tree. See if you can do some recon to find out what types of scents your friend likes best!


  1. Fluffy Sweatshirt — Hoodies and sweaters that look like straight-up clouds (and feel like them, too) are in! Who wouldn’t want he ultimate top that works for lounging, class, and snuggling. There’s no question that everyone else will be jealous that you weren’t their Secret Santa, too.


Secret Santa is all about making that one friend feel like you really thought about them and didn’t just go buy them a pack of red and green M&Ms from CVS twenty minutes before the gift exchange. Try to wrap up your present in whatever cute holiday paper you can get your hands on and you’re good to go!












Jada is a junior at Boston College from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is on the BC Club Figure Skating Team, double majoring in English and Communication and minoring in Women's and Gender Studies.