5 Fall 2019 Beauty Trends to Look Out For

Here it is again, the end of another summer. A change of season, then, demands a reimagination of our makeup and beauty looks! It’s out with the old and in with the new, as they say. It’s always exciting to see what’s in store this season, so to get you caught up on the newest Fall beauty trends, here are five of my current favorite beauty looks.



Stand up and stand out with a glitter eye look! It can be the edge that a basic makeup look needs and you want. Get creative and make yourself shine, whether your style is a little or a lot!


Barely There Makeup

It’s always a little scary trying to navigate the changing seasons, especially in New England where the weather goes from hot to cold to sweaty to chilly… all in one day! Luckily, this barely there makeup look lets you transition this change effortlessly and beautifully. 


Plum Lips

What can be more Autumnal than a dash of plum across the lips?! It’s how I like to spice up my seasonal looks when I’m in the mood for all the Fall feels. Plus, there are so many different variations of plum, you can choose what type of lip you want: dewey, matte, barely-there tinted chapstick, etc.


Dewey Skin

This is a cool Fall look because it lets you hold onto that dewey summer feel without compromising the Fall atmosphere. Don’t look dried out as you let your skin glisten in the chilly Autumn air. 


Color Pop

An exciting and bright splash of color is just what the more demure Fall looks need. The typical “Fall” beauty looks tend towards the neutral to warm color palettes. Why not try something new and spice up your makeup routine with a touch of bright colors?


And just like that, another Fall brings another set of beauty trends to us. Luckily, they're all super cool, so we definitely shouldn't wait to try them out!