5 Cute Fall Dorm Decorations

The leaves are starting to change and the air is turning crisp, you know what that means: Fall is here! There are so many great reasons to love this season and one of them is all the cute decorations that come out. If you’re feeling festive, try to spruce up your college dorm room with some of these adorable autumnal decorations.

1. Mini Pumpkins

Nothing says Fall like a bunch of little mini pumpkins all around your room. Place them on your windowsill, on your desk, or even as paper weight on top of your homework. Wherever they go, they’ll add a little bit of fall vibes.

2. Wall Garland

Add some seasonal spirit to your walls by hanging a super cute wall garland across it. There are so many that you’re bound to find one that will fit your personal style. Plus, they’re a really easy way to bring Fall into your dorm.

3. DIY Hanging Leaves

Colorful leaves are synonymous with Autumn, so why not bring them inside. Or at least pretend they’re real leaves by making paper cutouts. You can style them however you like: outline them in glitter then hang them from a real twig using ribbon, string them together on a plain ribbon and let them fall like a curtain, or even just dangling them from the ceiling.

4. Festive Wreath

If your door is lacking seasonal pride, add a festive wreath to the front. You can find them almost anywhere and in any size. It’s an easy way to show people that you’re ready for the season, while sort of adding a touch of neighborhood hominess to your dorm.

5. Twig (Electric) Candle Holder

Obviously, candles aren’t allowed in dorms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a chill autumn vibe. Create a cozy atmosphere in your dorm by taking a plain glass candle holder and super gluing tiny twigs to the outside of it. Then place a battery operated candle votive in the center of the candle holder. Voilà! A cozy afternoon ready made, all you need is some rain and a hot cup of tea.

Fall is one of the best seasons because it is so much fun to find all the festive decorations. They give off such a cozy homey vibe that you can’t help but feel comfy when you’re around them.